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The Best Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

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You don’t need high-tech, expensive gadgets to spruce up your kitchen! These are the best kitchen gadgets if you want to make your life in the kitchen easier and a lot more fun.

Taco Holderstaco holdersDon’t let flailing tacos sidetrack Taco Tuesday! These stainless steel taco stands will keep your tacos upright and intact.



Pasta StrainerKitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain Strainer – What’s not to love about this unique kitchen gadget? It snaps onto your pots, so you don’t have to transfer your food into a strainer. It also makes cleanup a breeze.



Avocado Slicer3-in-1 Avocado Slicer – This all-in-one tool perfectly slices avocados in no time. One side slices the avocado, the stainless steel center removes the pit, and the slicer creates perfect pieces.



Cereal SeperatorThe Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl – This bowl is for people who can’t stand soggy cereal. It’s separated into two compartments: one for your cereal and one for your milk. This lets the user dictate when their cereal and milk interact.


Corn StripperChef’n Cob Corn Stripper – This gadget extracts all the corn from a cob with no mess at all, making it that much easier to get those juicy, sweet kernels in your favorite soups and salads.



Pineapple CorerPineapple Corer – Aromatic, juicy pineapples are delicious—but many people don’t have the proper tools to cut them. If you crave fresh pineapple juice, this pineapple corer will help you satisfy your appetite.



Butter ChurnKilner Butter Churner – Making homemade butter is as easy as placing double cream in this jar and turning the handle for at least ten minutes. This kitchen gadget lets you make your favorite spread at home!



Serrated Butter KnifeSerrated Butter Knife – Never face down a block of cold butter without this genius invention. The serrated edge helps you cut tiny strands of butter that are perfect for spreading on toast or anything else!



Rotary PeelerRotary Peeler – This kitchen gadget allows you to peel vegetables with three stainless steel blade types: standard, serrated, and julienne.



Herb MincerHerb Mincer – The ergonomic design lets you mince herbs without stressing your wrist joints. The versatile blades twist 90 degrees, and the top comes off for easy cleaning.


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Written by Logan Voss

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