The Best Up and Coming Breweries in America

Right now, at this moment in time, we are witnessing the golden age of craft brewing. It’s hard to deny it when there are over thousands of crafts breweries opening up across the United States. They are serving up everything from traditional lagers and hop-filled IPAs to thick Russian Imperial stouts and everything in between.

From bold flavors to “punny” beer names, all these breweries have something special to share. The scene is as strong as ever, so whether you drink a beer a day or once a year, consider checking out these up and coming breweries in America.

3 Floyds Brewery

Munster, IN

3 Floyds operates under the motto “it’s not normal.” One step into their brewpub will drive this message home quick. Death Metal blasts from the speakers all day and matches their bottle art perfectly. They also host Dark Lord Day—an annual release/rock show that draws thousands of beer geeks and metal fans from all over.

Revision Brewing

Sparks, NV

The only thing in Nevada hotter than Revision Brewing is the temperature. Only two years old, Revision is already as well known in Nevada as the Golden Nugget. The IPA loving hop heads out there love their Disco Ninja IPA. They even won gold and silver at the 2018 World Beer Cup for their IPA and DIPA respectively.

Edmund’s Oast

Charleston, SC

Edmund’s Oast took over a massive 6,000 square foot space to create their brewery and restaurant. It is a posh combination of gourmet dining, mixology, and taproom with over 48 beers. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Ale is a local favorite.

Boxing Bear Brewing Co.

Albuquerque, NM

On the banks of the Rio Grande, Boxing Bear Brewing successfully capitalizes on the New Mexico brewing scene. Known as leaders and innovators, they bring their award-winning IPA and chocolate milk stout to the party every night.

Funk Factory Geuzeria

Madison, WI

Lambics are lesser-known on the beer scene than most styles, but Funk Factory is slowly bringing them to the forefront. A spontaneously fermented style of Belgian beer, Iambics are light and bubbly, similar to sparkling wine. Plus, Funk is the first American brewery to make a meerts beer. It’s essentially a second run from the leftovers of the lambic brewing process.

Separatist Beer Project

Easton, PA

As a red-hot brewery known for being a nomadic operation, you wouldn’t think about changing your name. But that’s exactly what Sole Artisan Ales did. Once they opened a taproom, three years later they became Separatist Beer Project. They continue to make beers with foraged ingredients and lots of cool “old-timey sh**.”

Middle Brow Beer Co.

Chicago, IL

For years, Middle Brow did contract brewing at other breweries around Chicago. They made enough waves to finally open their own taproom called Bungalow. The self-described vibe is post-punk feminist, neo-Belgian/French/Appalachia hippie-farmer pizza den meets Pacific Northwest surf shop. If you can imagine all that in one place, then you should definitely consider visiting.


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Written by Logan Voss

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