Best Off-Roading Trails in America

Off-roading is one of the most intense activities anyone can do. Typically, riders take a four-wheel-drive or other powerful vehicle onto an uneven path where they do their best to traverse the intense road conditions. Given that, off-roading allows riders to see parts of the country they never would have before. Check out some of the best off-roading trails in America—from the dry deserts of Utah to the icy roads in Alaska and everywhere in between.

Dalton Highway, Alaska

The Dalton Highway, starting just north of Fairbanks, Alaska, is a great off-road destination. The Haul Road was originally a supply route but is now one of the longest yet aesthetically pleasing highways in Alaska. The rocky surface is full of potholes, and the northern exposure to wildlife makes for an interesting experience every time. Just make sure to stock up at Fairbanks, since it is the closest city on the route. It’s also a good idea to make sure your pickup truck receives proper maintenance to avoid a breakdown in freezing temperatures.

Alpine Look Trail, Colorado

The Alpine Look Trail is about five hours from Denver, covering roughly 63 miles. Its jaw-dropping beauty goes over 12,000 feet passes settled between Lake City and Silverton, Colorado. The best time to travel is during the warm months where you can view snowy mountaintops, flowing rivers, and find excellent solitude from the rest of society. The rocky surface is perfect for trucks, ATVs, or mountain bikes. With its rich mining history, you may even pass an abandoned town or cabin on your route.

Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho

This amazing trail is nestled in the mountains of the Sawtooth National Forest. Steep drop-offs, narrow switchbacks, and rocky surfaces ensure an off-roaders paradise. Plus, the Baumgartner Campground allows for an overnight stay with access to a natural hot spring, swimming hole, fishing, hiking, and wildlife watching opportunities where you can see moose, mountain lions, black bears, and gray wolves.

Tie Rod Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a challenging course for any adrenaline enthusiast. Locate south of Las Vegas, this rocky, gravel surface is a bumpy five-mile trail for experienced off-roaders. 4X4 vehicles should have high clearance to handle unpaved mountain surfaces. The trail can get steep, and storms can make the path unpassable. In fact, its name refers to the dangerous reputation the trail has for destroying tie rods on vehicles.

White Rim Trail, Utah

White Rim Trail, also known as White Rim Road, is a great off-road trail in scenic Utah. The dry climate ensures road-surfaces of loose dirt, sandy dry washes, and sandstone rock. You’ll want to carry extra water to handle the hot atmosphere, but you’ll be amazed at the stunning rock formations and natural beauty.

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Written by Logan Voss

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