3 Restaurant Design Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction

In business, the customer is always right. This sentiment applies to the restaurant industry as well. Restaurant owners must do everything in their power to keep their patrons happy. This means offering food at a reasonable price, hiring friendly staff, and creating a stunning interior design. Here are three restaurant design tips to increase customer satisfaction. The more positive reviews your establishment receives, the more money you’ll make in the long run.

Redo the Upholstery

Restaurant upholstery plays a significant factor in interior design. People won’t feel comfortable sitting at a booth with torn fabric. Customers will also have a hard time swallowing their food if the booths they’re sitting on are covered in stains. Freshen things up and reupholster your restaurant’s seating. Be sure to choose a durable fabric that can withstand a little wear and tear. Be mindful of the color fabric you select, too. Choose a color that’ll stand out in your restaurant but will also hide stains when necessary.

Don’t Ignore the Floor

A restaurant design tip for business owners is to focus on the flooring. People pay more attention to floors more than one might think. Restaurant owners can make a statement in the space by installing checkered black and white tiles. If you own a diner and you’re looking to achieve a 50s-inspired theme, then this option is perfect for you. Owners should consider durability when choosing flooring materials, as well. Lots of people run around a restaurant all day long. It’s wise to install slip-resistant floors so that workers and customers stay safe.

Details Matter

People go to restaurants for the experience, not just the food. No one wants to sit and eat their dinner at a place with completely barren walls. Restaurant owners have a responsibility to make their space inviting to patrons. So, focus on the details. Hang photos on the walls that reflect the theme you’re going for. If you’re going for a rock-and-roll vibe, hang some pictures of rock stars all over the place. Conversely, if your restaurant is family-owned, don’t be afraid to get personal and leave family mementos all around.

Every restaurant owner wants to see customers lining up out the door. One way to accomplish this goal is to focus on the establishment’s interior design. Hone in on the room’s details and create a welcoming space where people want to spend their time. Keep in mind that people are dying to go out after being cooped up inside for so long. Make sure everything is worth the wait and use this time as an opportunity to spruce things up. If you freshen things up just a bit, your restaurant will be booked for weeks to come.

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Written by Logan Voss

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