How to Confront Your Messy Roommate About Cleaning

There are so many exciting things about living off-campus in college or finally moving out of your parent’s house. When you are on your own, most people usually have a roommate they live with, and no matter how close you are with them, there are usually some growing pains you will have to get through. One issue that you may have is living with a messy roommate. Maybe they leave their used avocados on the counter, their hair all over the bathroom, empty cups everywhere, or have other habits that drive you nuts. It can be hard to deal with this issue—here’s how to confront your messy roommate about cleaning.  

Explain Your Position 

When you have an issue with your roommate’s sloppiness, the first thing you should do is explain your position. Keeping something in never helps, so let it out. This can then go two ways—either your roommate will try to be more aware of their habits, or they won’t change at all. This then moves us to our next point.  

Divide Up Space 

If the issue really gets out of hand, try to divide up your place’s space. Keep your items away from their room and vice versa. However, the hardest part will be communal areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.  

Create a System 

For communal areas, the best thing you can do is create a system. This means coming up with days someone oversees the dishes, vacuuming, and other duties in your home that need to be done. If your roommate starts to not meet these expectations, then you have one more option you can try.  

Clean Together 

The last part on how to confront your messy roommate about cleaning is to divide up and conquer the work that needs to be done together. Find a time that works best for you both and clean up. Ultimately, teamwork might be the best option you have.  

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Written by Logan Voss

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