What Will Offices Look Like After Coronavirus?

With the pandemic winding down and restrictions being lifted across the country, people are heading back to work. After working from home for almost three months, many people are looking forward to going back to the office and getting into their normal routine. But what will offices look like after coronavirus? What can people expect on that first day back? One thing is for sure—things will be different. Some people will have a lingering fear of infection, while others won’t care at all. Changes will come to accommodate the employees and make everyone comfortable and productive.

Paperless Offices

Offices were already going paperless before the pandemic. Be it for environmental concerns, to save money, or any other reason, more and more businesses are going paperless. Doing it now will reduce excessive touching among coworkers. A sheet of paper getting handled by several people during its lifespan increases the risk of passing illness to the next person.

More Space Is Needed

To keep a comfortable distance between employees until the “all clear” is given, offices will need to find more space. There might not be enough space to keep everyone six feet apart, so desks will have to be vacated for now. Coworkers will establish their own level of comfort and tell their peers how close is close enough.

Remote Work Will Continue

Not everyone is in a hurry to get back to the office. Where remote work is an option, it will continue. Businesses that previously were against remote working have found the merit in it and will make it a permanent option for their workforce. Managers will have a renewed challenge in managing a remote team and an onsite team, all while simultaneously keeping both parties productive.

A Reduction in Meetings

We can all celebrate this one. Anyone that has had to sit through a three-hour meeting on a Friday afternoon, rejoice! Unnecessary and pointless meetings will go the way of the dinosaur. Fear over getting a room full of people sick will turn that meeting into a Zoom conference call with the camera and sound off. What offices will look like after coronavirus is to be determined, but they will look different. Make no mistake.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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