Steps To a Perfectly Staged Home

Understanding the steps to a perfectly staged home is essential to successfully selling a house. A lot goes into creating a visually stunning set up. As such, many people hire professional stagers to really put the finishing touches together. Even if you choose to hire someone, it helps to have a handle on what a stager does and why.

Step 1: Repair and Clean

While a family might like the look of a home, a bad showing can scare them off. A messy home might give the impression there will be delays moving the last owner out; or any easy-to-fix problems might give the buyer the impression the home is not cared for and has worse problems. Anyone serious about selling their home must do their due-diligence and properly clean. Start with damaged areas like stains and cracks on walls and furnishings. Next, move to basic tidiness. Pick up obviously astray items, vacuum, dust, and perform any other basic tasks that will make the home look overall kempt.

Step 2: Create a Balanced Appearance

In our day-to-day living, most of us like to have our favorite things right at our disposal. This creates normal lived-in clutter, so clearing clutter is especially important. It is key to balance out the lived-in quality with the clean quality. It is ridiculous to expect a lived-in home to be emptied out each staging; but it is also pointless to try and look at a house that is too full of things to really appreciate it. Be sure to disappear personal effects that are less than perfect. Finally, clean out everywhere a guest will want to look—this includes unused rooms and storage spaces, particularly closets.

Step 3: Emphasize Entryways and Passages

Next, double check the overall arrangement of decorations. Spend some time in the front yard to ensure the walk up the path, the driveway, and the porch are all spotless and inviting. Now might be a good time to check the garage is in order just in case there are any surprise detours. As you enter your home, ensure the furniture is arranged to make each room open and inviting. Though you might like your furniture one way for convenience, rearrange with flow in mind. Keep entry and exit ways unblocked and wide open.

Step 4: Touching Up

The final steps to a perfectly staged home are to double and triple check everything. Fine comb over every detail. Make sure every surface is scrubbed and dusted. Get all the decorations, figurines, and fine china lined up just right, and make sure your most appealing texts are on display. Find ways to really touch up the look with decorated table and shelf covers, furniture slip covers, and other details not necessarily part of the usual look.

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Written by Logan Voss

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