The Most Well-Known Mythical Creatures

Our world is full of cinematic representations of fantastical beasts ranging from humungous cephalopods to fire-breathing gatekeepers, and we discover much wonder in the potential reality of such beasts. Though these creatures seem to be deeply rooted in fiction, the existence of the many species of dinosaurs does leave a twinge of belief in other unimaginable things. The many lines of fantasy books, television shows, and movies help us paint a picture in our minds of what these beings may have looked and behaved like if they had existed. The peculiar part about some of the most well-known mythical creatures is their presence in stories from various cultures and regions around the world.


There are many myths, legends, and stories regarding the death and destruction brought to sailors by giant squid-like beasts. The Kraken was believed to be the size of many small islands, and it could pull down an entire ship with ease. Though the existence of this creature seems implausible, it’s not really that unbelievable. One paleontologist believes he found the remains of a giant squid from the Triassic Period, theorizing that its length was up to one hundred feet.

It’s hard to say what lies in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean, with it many unchartered regions. Could the Kraken have been based on a very real sea beast? For now, this creature populates the silver screen and rum bottles, but it’s possible that it also inhabited oceanic waters at one time.


With the ever-growing popularity of fantasy novels, television, and cinema, the dragon has never been far from our minds. We find ourselves unable to decide if a fire-breathing beast could have ever really existed. Unfortunately, there’s no fossilized evidence of such a being, at least in the way Hollywood and various authors have depicted it.

One thing is for certain: this mythical creature is one of the most infamous of all time. In every culture around the world, stories link back to the dragon. Though we have found many different species of dinosaur bones, we have yet to discover proof of fire-breathing, winged, scale-covered dragons.  

Dire Wolves

In recent times, the famed television show Game of Thrones popularly represented the dire wolf. However, there’s quite a bit of proof of these mythical animals. They weren’t the size of ponies, as portrayed on screen, but they were about double the size of a modern-day wolf. The La Brea Tar Pits in California offer an extensive assortment of dire wolf fossils, making this beast more than just a myth.

It’s clear that some of these most well-known mythical creatures are based on real creatures that lived in various times in history. Certainly, the times in which these animals may have existed was much different and more dangerous than our world. It seems that most ancient beasts were much larger in size and significantly more destructive. Though we know very little for sure, it’s safe to say that many of these are probably best left in the myth category.

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Written by Logan Voss

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