3 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

If your relationship is going really well and you’re thinking it might be time to take the next step, engagement ring shopping is most likely in your future. Whether you’re looking to get ideas of what you want to help guide your partner, or you’re looking to buy the perfect ring to get that “yes!” response, check out these unique engagement ring ideas.

Go With a Unique Stone

Diamonds may be the traditional center stone for engagement rings—but there are really no rules on what constitutes an engagement ring, other than that it symbolizes the intent to get married. If your fiance is concerned about the environmental impact of natural diamonds, engagement rings from are an excellent eco-friendly alternative or you can start doing your diamond. If you want to get a unique ring for your future spouse, you can start doing your diamond search at,a great option is to opt for a unique stone other than a typical diamond. For example, you could go with the super special Ceylon sapphire. You could also go with a ruby for some extra color and flare. There really are endless choices when it comes to a center stone. You could also go with a ruby for some extra color and flare. Additionally, another eccentric gemstone option might be to find engagement rings with black diamonds on the Internet. There really are endless choices when it comes to a center stone.

Get a Rare Cut

While the standard emerald cut, princess cut, and round cuts are beautiful, they are the most common cuts. If you’re looking for a ring that’s as special as your partner, then getting a less common cut could be the answer. Consider these cuts:

  • Marquise
  • Pear
  • Asscher
  • Shield

These cuts can be made on any stone, so you can really customize the ring so that it’s perfect.

Choose a Unique Setting

There are many settings to choose from at any jewelry store, but there are some that seem more standard and some that are truly unique. You can take a fun twist on a common setting by mixing it up a little bit. For example, if you know your future spouse loves halo settings, consider making the halo a triangle rather than a circle, or switching up the metals on the ring based on their preference.

There are truly endless options and unique engagement ring ideas. Be sure to explore all your options when you start shopping for a timeless engagement ring for your loved one.

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Written by Logan Voss

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