The Tools You Need for Making PCBs

Making a PCB isn’t an easy task to do by yourself. Whether you’re just making a design or trying to craft a prototype, creating a PCB requires lots of precise tools and planning. To begin your project, you need to learn about the tools you need for making PCBs.


The first tool you need to craft a PCB is a stencil. This isn’t the same as a drawing stencil, as you use it to place down the soldering paste necessary for your PCB. Soldering paste holds the components you use to the blank circuit board, helping you eventually solder them into place.

Soldering Tool

Another tool you’ll need is a soldering machine. These are handheld manual soldering devices that help you link and connect components and circuit boards. There are various soldering tools and methods that you can use for your specific PCB.


Lots of PCBs use small holes to help manage all the intricacies and heat associated with them. That’s why you’ll want a small drill capable of making these small holes for your PCB. This is applicable for the simplest type of PCB, and if you want more complex designs, you’ll need more complex tools.

PCB Design Software

Design software is a necessity for any professional PCB design. This software lets you make prototype designs before physically crafting them. You can be as specific and detailed as you need for your design. You can even send off the PCB design files to have others make it for you.


Using Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) is the current best practice for crafting PCBs. This technology creates the PCB in an automated system that can place components much closer than a human ever could. This feature makes them very useful for more intensive PCBs you might need to make. SMT systems work well with PCB design software as well.

These are the tools you need for making PCBs that range from simple to more complex designs. Keep in mind that this just includes the tools that you’ll need. You should listen to some beginner PCB tips for design before committing to anything.

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Written by Logan Voss

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