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4 Reasons Why a Restaurant Needs a Makeup Air Unit

As a kitchen fills with unpleasant fumes that decrease proper airflow, your restaurant can get caught up in potential health hazards for workers and customers. If you want to minimize odors once and for all, you need to invest in a makeup air unit. A makeup air unit sucks the fumes created in a kitchen out of the building via an exhaust system and replenishes the space with new air. Here are our four best reasons why restaurants need a makeup air unit.

Makeup Air Units Minimize Odors

If you aren’t sure what makeup air units are used for, first think about the smell of rotting food or something burning. To terminate the scent, you could open windows or use a vent. However, when you use a vent, such as a makeup air unit, you can help replace the bad air with fresh air through an exhaust system installed in your air unit. The odors in a restaurant’s kitchen are unpleasant, and they aren’t any better when sifted through a swinging door or an interior window. Using a system such as a makeup air unit can reduce kitchen odors and improve the health and well-being of staff and patrons.

Kitchen Hood Efficiency Is Improved

As stated above, kitchen odors aren’t something to keep around. In fact, if not treated, these odors can hang around and create mildew and mold problems. When you have a kitchen air unit, you can easily clean the air by pairing the unit with a kitchen hood. A kitchen hood can trap the odors, but an air unit can help replace the air.

Reduces the Risk of Fire

Makeup air units can actually help reduce your restaurant’s risk of fire. The trouble arises when there’s poor airflow that blows flames in vent hoods and ductwork. Having a makeup air unit can help replace lousy air with fresh air, and having spark arrestors can also help. A spark arrestor is another tool used to help prevent flammable debris from combusting into flames. These two preventative items are fundamental reasons why a restaurant needs a makeup air unit.

Makeup Air Systems Save Energy

Energy is a vital resource for all restaurants, and makeup air units can help save energy in two powerful ways. The first occurs when an HVAC system works too hard; it draws more energy to maintain comfortable temperatures. Too much energy suction can cause HVAC system problems. Second, an inefficient HVAC system can force you to get fans to help maintain comfortable temperatures. To help conserve energy, get a better air unit.

All in all, restaurants need to have proper airflow, especially in the kitchen area. Without fresh air coming in to replace foul odors, you risk the chance of catching your kitchen on fire and having high energy costs. Be smart and get your restaurant kitchen a makeup air unit.

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Written by Logan Voss

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