When Should You Change Your Motorcycle Tires?

When damaged, tires become some of the most dangerous motorcycle components. A lack of traction can result in a nasty accident, so you shouldn’t mess around with proper tire maintenance. Here’s how to know when you should change your motorcycle tires.

When the Tire Has a Puncture

Even though tires are built to withstand tough impacts, they can suffer punctures and become damaged. Riding over blunt objects, encountering debris in the road, and hitting potholes can weaken your tires. If you spot punctures on the sides of your tires, any deformations or visible beads, or loose tread rubber, your tire is beyond repair and needs a replacement.

When You Pass the Tread Wear Limit

Many tires have an indicator at the bottom of the main grooves that tell you when they’re worn down past the point of safety. Give your treads a look once a week to ensure you haven’t passed this mark. Since there’s no way to put treads back on tires, once you pass this point, you need to invest in new ones.

When the Tire Shows Signs of Aging

There are a plethora of factors that affect a tire’s life span, from weather conditions to the frequency of use. Your bike could also be heavier than others, leading to faster aging, or your riding style may speed the process along. You should give your tires a once-over before taking your bike out for a spin (and especially if you haven’t ridden in a while).

Look for external signs of aging, like deformations and cracks in the tread. If you spot something that seems out of place, don’t assume that it’s not an issue—contact a professional and let them assess the situation.

Now that you know when you should change your motorcycle tires, consider upgrading the wheels that let your tires spin—carbon fiber wheels are an excellent investment!

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Written by Logan Voss

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