What Are the Sunniest States To Move To in the US?

If you’re thinking about making a big move, the new climate is an important consideration, especially if you’re longing for warmer weather and more sunshine during the winter. Of course, for people looking for cozy spots in the United States, this begs the question, “What are the sunniest states to move to in the US?” Let’s take a deeper dive into the sunniest spots in the country.


Not surprisingly, among the top states with the most sunshine are desert states. Simply put, lack of rainfall and snow means less moisture for cloud cover, and that in turn means more sunshine. Arizona tops the list, and it should be no surprise that its cities have similar accomplishments. For instance, Arizona is home to Yuma, which checks in with 90 percent of the number of possible sunshine hours. Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff also rank among the sunniest cities in the state.


Both Las Vegas and Reno are undoubtedly among the top when it comes to sunniest cities. Of course, all this heat might seem like a detriment if you ever have to move your belongings outdoors during the day. However, there are certainly solutions available. For instance, you can find professionals specializing in moving and storage in Las Vegas, NV, to make the task much easier. That way, you can enjoy the sun, even when you’re doing busy work around the house.


Of course, we can’t discuss the sunniest states to move to in the US without mentioning Texas. You might expect Florida to be next up, given its nickname as the Sunshine State. However, it’s Texas that takes the fourth spot, with 5,137 kilojoules per square meter. When it comes to this kind of data, you’ll frequently find the annual amount of sunshine measurements in units of kilojoules per square meter. It may be obscure, but it’s accurate, with kilojoules being a popular metric for sunshine.

Now that you have a handful of sunny prospects in mind, you can start perfectly planning your big move.

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Written by Logan Voss

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