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Various Plants That Are Harmful to Newborns

Your precious newborn deserves the best and most attentive care possible. To truly ensure safety for your baby, it’s important to understand the various health hazards they face at a young age.

Their immune systems are fragile and developing, putting them at a higher risk for ailments, injuries, and illnesses. Most parents focus on dietary restrictions and chemical exposure, but plants pose a threat to young ones, as well. Here are the various plants that are harmful to newborns.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is dangerous to everyone, but the most common victims include small children and babies. This plant is highly toxic, and ingestion almost always leads to an ER visit. There are over 30 cardiac glycosides in the plant, which depresses heart activity.

Common side effects include aches, blurred vision, and irregular pulse. For babies, these issues are exasperated, and can even lead to death in some instances. Look out for lily of the valley in your garden and local parks.

Potato Sprouts

Prepared potatoes are a perfectly safe option for babies, with very few of them experiencing negative experiences. However, the sprouts are quite toxic and do cause health issues that may require medical attention.

When potatoes are exposed to moisture, little “eyes” appear on the surface. The sprouts contain high amounts of glycoalkaloids, which are dangerous for human consumption. Peel these specks off with your hands or a peeler before feeding them to your newborn.


These plants are often the most stunning in the garden or around the house, but unfortunately, they are dangerous. Their leaves and flowers are toxic, both from physical touch and consumption.

So, while it’s unlikely your newborn will be frolicking through foliage anytime soon, it’s a good idea to keep these plants away from the house. Toxic residue can rest on clothing, indirectly irritating your baby through contact.

As you can see, there are various plants that are harmful to newborns. Understanding which ones are dangerous is imperative for any new parent. Do research, as many plant materials pose a threat to your baby.

In fact, essential oils are potentially dangerous for babies with exposure. Minor facts like these must be understood to truly protect a newborn.

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Written by Logan Voss

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