Things To Look For in a Personal Injury Attorney

Every personal injury (PI) case is unique, with specific circumstances and differing outcomes. Finding legal representation that can assist you in making your claim and remain compassionate toward your case is critical to finding success in litigation. It’s vital to choose an attorney that can fulfill all your legal needs in a way that you understand. Use this list of things to look for in a personal injury attorney to find representation that you trust.

Knowledge in Their Specialty

Many personal injury attorneys specialize in specific focuses. A critical thing to know before filing a PI claim is what type of injury attorney you need to best assist you. For example, you might look for someone who regularly handles car accidents to take on an ATV rollover incident. Your best chance at winning your claim is hiring legal representation that can expertly tackle your kind of case.

Understanding of Medical Concepts and Jargon

Attorneys taking on personal injury cases must have a basic understanding of the jargon for their specific area of focus. If they specialize in malpractice, their vocabulary and knowledge should utilize malpractice-specific language. You also want to find representation that can effectively explain the severity of your injuries and demonstrate to the court how the injuries impact your day-to-day life. This proven basis of knowledge and utilization of language is their best asset should your case head to trial.

Proven Track Record

With compensation as a top priority in most personal injury cases, you must find representation with a proven track record of helping their clients receive maximum compensation. An attorney with abundant experience should also deliver a fair trial and settlement. The more cases the attorney has under their belt with successful outcomes, the better they are for you.


Possibly one of the most significant things to look for in a personal injury attorney is their overall level of honesty. When evaluating their track record, look for practiced and tested honesty cases. You are paying for their services, and you need to ensure your investment returns. Also, consider their overall behaviors, including how respectfully they speak to you and how strong their communications skills are, as this can affect your chances of winning the case.

Contingency Fees

Reviewing all parts of the contingency fee agreement is critical. Something to look for is their percentage of the fee, which is subject to change based on your case. A contingency fee is an amount your attorney will receive if the court awards you compensation. Typically, this percentage falls between 25 and 40 percent and often coincides with the hours worked.

No doubt finding the perfect fit in legal representation can feel challenging. Understandably, winning your case is a priority, and not wasting any time is critical. Consider requesting referrals from satisfied clients as you tackle this crucial decision.

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Written by Logan Voss

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