The Top 3 Must-Have Pieces of Salon Furniture

There are a lot of factors that go into building a successful salon business. Furniture is one of these essential factors to consider. Here are the top three must-have pieces of salon furniture to help boost your business’s success.

Salon Chairs

The first must-have piece of salon furniture is salon chairs. Salon chairs are the pieces of furniture that clients will spend most of their time sitting in during their appointments. Therefore, you want to make sure your chairs are high-quality, comfortable, and functional. You’ll need to find the perfect all-purpose salon chairs for your space. Consider what services you offer, and find chairs with appropriate functions and features for the provided services. For example, if you style hair at your salon, you will want chairs with 360-degree swivel options and a hydraulic pump to raise and lower clients as you style their hair.

Styling Stations

Styling stations are the second piece of must-have salon furniture. Styling stations include mirrors, drawers, and extra storage space for your tools and supplies. When choosing the best styling stations for your salon, you must consider overall design, aesthetics, quality, and functionality. You want a beautiful station that fits well with the overall design of your space while also serving its intended function as a styling station. Counter space and plenty of drawers or cabinets are helpful to store everything you need to style clients. Storage helps keep the clutter of tools and materials out of sight to maintain a well-organized business.

Reception Seating

The third must-have piece of furniture for your salon is reception seating. The reception area is the first thing most clients will see when they walk into your business, so you want it to be welcoming. Comfort is key when it comes to reception seating because this is where clients will be waiting for their appointments. Design is also essential to consider when picking pieces for the reception area. You want your business space to have a cohesive design theme and color scheme to create a stunning ambiance. Showstopping reception seating will improve your client experience and keep people coming back.

Now that you know the top three must-have pieces of salon furniture, you can start finding the perfect pieces for your business today. Follow these tips to improve your salon space and elevate your overall client experience.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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