Building Design Tips To Increase Accessibility

A good accessible design doesn’t add in features to make normal designs include accommodations for people with more needs. It should feature a universal design that works for people with all ranges of abilities and needs from the beginning. That’s why anyone in charge of construction should first learn these building design tips that improve accessibility.

Accessible Doors

The first step to creating a good design for accessibility is making doorways that work for everyone. For example, you want wide doorways so that anyone in a wheelchair has an easy time getting through. Also, try to line up your doors so that people don’t need to turn to walk down a hallway or floor. Additionally, using automatic doors or easy-to-open handles can improve accessibility.

All Stairs Need Ramps

One of the hardest things for anyone to do is move between floors, especially if you use stairs. That’s why every staircase should include a ramp so that people can easily and safely go up and down as they need. When you’re looking to create a good ramp option in your designs, you should first learn the differences between wood and aluminum ramps.

Wide Walkways

Small walkways may give you more space for storage, but it makes it difficult for many people to walk through the area. You should keep your walkways clear of obstructions with frequent cleaning and give enough space for people who need it.

Adjustable Designs

One design tip you should take to heart to increase accessibility is everything should be adjustable. Adjustable desks and seats mean everyone can sit while being comfortable, and moveable furniture can make seating easier for everyone. If you design your buildings to be adjustable, you can make your space accessible to everyone.

These design tips are how you can make your building include everyone in the first place. Keep in mind that there are different regulations depending on your local government, so follow those rules as well. But adding these tips to your building design will make your building for everyone.

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Written by Logan Voss

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