Prerequisites for Ethernet Installation You Should Know

Connections can be tricky if you’re not as well-versed in the system’s routing as needed. You will need to be careful in approaching your setup so that it will always remain in good condition. If not, you could find some problems with your connection later. You should know a few prerequisites for Ethernet installation before moving forward.

Choose Your Wiring

You’ll need to ensure that you have the proper internet connection wiring, which should be the universal standard—which means nothing less than CAT5e. When you purchase your wiring, you will also need to ensure that it has copper or gold shielding to limit cross-talk interference.

Run in Safe Locations

You should never run your lines anywhere there is water or moisture. Running it underground is the safest way to avoid the elements and any potential problems. Having the line above ground is just asking for trouble, as anything could happen at a moment’s notice. The safety of your installation is one of several things you will want to seriously consider before running Ethernet cables.

Manage Your Wiring

You might find that you have an excess line, which is perfectly normal. In most cases, people do end up with more than they need. You can terminate the sequence and add an RJ45 coupler to your existing line to shorten the line and clean things up a bit. This will increase your internet speed as it makes the connection more direct.

You’ll also want to make reference points where you bury your line or have your sequence in the yard. This way, if you ever have maintenance done to your line, the technician will know exactly where to locate it.

While installing Ethernet has many benefits, there are also some prerequisites for Ethernet installation you should know beforehand. Failure to get this process right the first time can be costly, and it might mean having to rely on Wi-Fi for longer than you planned.

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Written by Logan Voss

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