Four Reasons Why High-Visibility Gear Is Important

While OSHA requirements do their best to make every workplace safe, there are always risks to working in certain environments. Luckily, you can do several things as an employer to mitigate these dangers and increase workplace safety for your employees. One such thing is requiring the use of high-visibility gear. Read on to learn four reasons why hi-vis gear is important.

Driver Recognition

There are several situations where recognizing that workers are in the field is both essential and tricky. One of these situations is when drivers are working around the jobsite. Drivers in trucks, forklifts, and other construction equipment need to be able to tell when a worker is in their path. Without high-visibility gear, it’s far too easy for workers to blend into their surroundings and for drivers to not notice them.

Weather Hazard Reduction

When workers are out in heavy wind, rain, or snow, it can be difficult to see them. Drivers or other workers may not notice them, leading to potentially hazardous situations. Therefore, employees must always wear high-visibility gear to protect themselves in the event of bad weather. Brightly colored reflective materials are easier to see through a storm, so always have some on hand.

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency, workers may be dealing with adrenaline in a high-energy environment. This combination of factors can lead to impaired judgement, but high-visibility gear can help workers focus and know where their comrades are. If someone needs help, the sight of a bright orange vest can help locate them efficiently when everything is moving quickly.

Product Options

Finally, different jobs require different gear. Luckily, you have several different gear options depending on the task at hand. Some workers may need brightly colored gloves, while others require vests or headwear. No matter the need, you can rely on high-visibility clothing suppliers to have products in stock.

It’s essential to understand how each piece of gear serves its own purpose. For instance, a jacket has an outer shell, an inner lining, and reflective striping, which all work to keep employees safe. There’s a lot of high-visibility terminology you should know if you want to gain a better sense of the function of a given piece of gear.

Now that you know these four reasons why high-visibility gear is important, make sure all your employees have clothing that will help keep them safe on the job.

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Written by Logan Voss

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