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4 Essential Books to Read Before Moving House

There are countless reasons why we choose to move to a new home. They may be professional, related to career progression or aspirations. Some move for romance, others move for adventure and some move for purely financial reasons. Whichever your reason is, it is likely that the process of moving will bring out a lot of emotions for you. It’s always a huge change, even if it’s positive.

You might be stressed about finding a mortgage and choosing a home within your budget. You might be feeling melancholic about the place you are leaving behind, or excited about the new adventure that lies ahead of you. For emotionally charged moments like these, a good book will help you get through it all. Wherever you’re planning on moving to, for whatever reason, here are five essential books to read before you go. 

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1. Eat, Pray, Love

This best-selling travelogue by Elizabeth Gilbert is a must-read even if you aren’t upping sticks and moving to Rome, India, or Bali, as this writer did. While the author’s lyrical writings are infused with her love for the iconic destinations she has lived in, this is a book that anyone who is considering a big move should read, even if you’re moving to the next town over. The themes of Eat, Pray, Love go deeper than mere travel, focusing on the importance of throwing yourself into new adventures fearlessly and never losing sight of your curiosity. 

2. The Mobile Life

The Mobile Life: A New Approach to Living Anywhere by Anne Parker is an essential text that will help completely reset your mental and emotional relationship with all of the stressful things associated with moving house. Parker explains why every step of the moving experience is an opportunity to break free from bad habits or mindsets and live in a smarter, more fulfilling way, rather than a logistical nightmare to be overcome. This is essential for anyone looking to be inspired before they start packing boxes. 

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3. Mortgages Made Easy

Securing a mortgage that suits you is one of the most stressful and demanding aspects of moving to a new home. There is plenty of literature on the topic, but Mortgages Made Easy by real estate guru Bruce Bammall will help you get to bearings with the process quickly, even if you have no prior knowledge of the industry. Of course, the book might seem a little bit dated, given that it was written before the advent of digital mortgage advisors such as Trussle, which tend to do most of the hard stuff for you, including finding the cheapest mortgage rates and breaking down the process. Nonetheless, it’s a good read for anyone wishing to talk the talk with their realtor. 

4. Goodbye to Berlin

Christopher Isherwood’s iconic and enduring text about decadent life in the German capital in the 1920s might not seem like an obvious choice for someone moving home. While the political and historical matter in the book is poignant, so too is the message of being able to let go of something that you love and look ahead to the future. Anyone feeling particularly forlorn about the prospect of leaving their old home behind will feel better after reading Goodbye to Berlin. 

With these engrossing reads, moving home can feel like a straightforward and rewarding process. Don’t hesitate to dive in today.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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