Best Solar Pool Heaters

When it is relatively cold or even hot, it is not always pleasant to jump into the cold water of a pool. Many people opt for gas-based pool heaters or electric ones. However, this will only make your bills more expensive if you decide to go with one of these two options. If you want to be economic and contribute to saving the world from global warming. Ecological solar pool heaters are your best option. In this article, we will list many of the best solar pool heaters in 2020.

Manufacturas Gre AR2069

Recommended for a minimum pump power of 1/3 CV, Manufacturas Gre AR2069 increases the water temperature to reach 6 ° C making it comfortable to jump in at once. You can stay in the water as long as possible even if summer ends.

Even with its ability to play this warm your pool up, this device does not bother you during its use. Indeed, its dimensions are limited to 600 x 60 cm only but thanks to its design, it makes it rather easier to install. Its weight is equivalent to 7 kg only. Compared to a number of models on the market, this product is not as heavy and its made to simplify its transport.

Made of polyethylene, Manufacturas Gre AR2069 is guaranteed to accompany you in good condition for a long time. This product is robust, it has already proven itself with many users, and that is why it is on our best solar pool heaters of 2020.

VidaXL 90349

Eager to know the feeling of taking a comfortable dive in a swimming pool, take the time to know this model. VidaXL 90349 can rise the temperature of water up to ten degrees. It is a sufficient measure to prolong swimming even if it starts to get cold.

Measuring 620 x 75 cm in size, this system can be installed on the roof, a support or a lawn. You also have the choice of placing it on the ground. Its installation is easy taking into account its dimensions. In addition, with such measurements, it does not take up much space in its pose.

Steinbach 00-49120

We cannot talk about the best solar pool heaters of 2020. Without mentioning Steinbach 00-49120. It is a solar collector that heats the water in your swimming pool in an ecological way. In order to take advantage of its service, you only need to make a single investment and then benefit from solar energy provided to you by the sun. This model is particularly suitable for use with aboveground pools that contain 12 cubic meters of water.

Its dimensions which are equal to 3 x 0.7 m give you an idea of the location it can occupy when it is set up making this device light and small in order to facilitate its installation. Its assembly is done on the ground, but there is nothing that prevents you from mounting it on the roof.

Intex 28685

If you are looking for something smaller, the Intex solar pool heating is a good option. However, even with this size, wait until you see its characteristics before making a deduction on its quality. Thanks to its solar technology, this material increases the temperature of the water in your aboveground pool up to 30 cubic meters to gain between 3 and 5 ° C. The heat rise is determined by the external conditions.

Its carpet-like design of approximately one square meter of surface absorbs sunlight to provide you with free energy. It is not bulky and its installation is easy making storing it away easier when you want to put it out of service. Intex 286685 is definitely one of the most affordable and the best solar pool heaters of 2020.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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