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These Ingenious products will Blow. Your. Mind.

We’re just over halfway through 2018, and already there have been so many trendy new items designed for comfort and enjoyment. Innovation and Inspiration have found each other, and it’s a pretty sight.

From electrical skateboards to underwater fishing cameras, the designers really pushed the limits with these ingenious products!

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#1 Yuneec Electric E-Go Cruiser Skateboard

Using hi-tech propulsion systems, this Electric Skateboard is speedy and affordable compared to the other highly priced skateboards available. Perfect for commuting to and from work, or as a gift!

Comes with a remote control, battery charger and a fully detailed operators' manual.

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#2 Water-reactive Bloody Bath Mat


Are you a fan of horror, or the macabre? Then this is the bath mat for you!

Reacting to dripping water, and thin so it can be placed under other mats or carpeting, this bath mat is the perfect accompaniment for a Gothic-style decor, or for using in a gory prank!

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#3 IllumiBowl Toilet Nightlight

When it comes to using the bathroom at night, we're condemned to stumble around in the dark, or blind ourselves with harsh lighting from a lamp or room light.

Introducing this innovative toilet light! Flexible to fit almost all toilets and with 9 different colour settings, this light is motion-activated and helps to minimise night-time slips and trips when visiting the loo.

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#4 GoFish Underwater Fishing Camera

Love fishing? Well, love it even more with this in-depth fishing camera. Recording in 1080p HD quality, and reaching a maximum depth of 500ft, this camera easily connects to WiFi so you can share your catches with your friends!

Hard-wearing, with an armoured casing and night-vision ready, this is the ultimate fishing camera!

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#7 Cooks Professional Waffle Bowl Maker

Who doesn't love waffles? Now, with this Waffle Bowl maker, not only can you make delicious waffles of any flavour, but you can load them up with your favourite toppings and go al fresco!

With non-stick plates to make cleaning easy, and an instruction manual that includes several great recipes, this Waffle maker is a step above the rest.

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Written by Ashlee