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How to Pest Proof your Home to Sell it Fast

 Whenever it is time make a property sale or moving house, the seller wants the house or office to look at its best for it to fetch a higher price. Most people concentrate on the renovations and forget that pest can put off cash buyers for houses or give them a reason to negotiate for lower prices for the home. Both cash buyers for houses and mortgage buyers understand that pests can be a real nuisance, meaning they will most probably request for a mortgage pests inspection to determine whether the property is worth purchasing.

Houses with any pest infestation including bugs may give estate agents a hard time when finding a buyer. Below are some pest control methods you can use whenever you want to sell family home or any other property sale.

Seal and Repair Openings

Most vermin will find a way into your house through openings and cracks that you may not be aware of. Most of these gaps are in the basement, especially where the entry point for water pipes and any other exterior outlets. You can use easily accessible materials like cardboard to seal the gaps or find a professional to do the job.

Another entry point for the unwanted vermin is through the door. The gaps between the door and the floor can permit entry of small rodents like mice and insects such as spiders. Installing thresholds and door weeps will keep the bigger pests away, but you may require additional measures such as applying caulks, or ant exterminator along the door edges and sides if you also want to exclude the smaller insects like ants. Also, ensure that all windows are properly closed when moving house.

Find a Perfect Dining Place for Your Pets

The level of hygiene inside our houses and the outdoors may determine whether you will have a pest control problem or not. Most of the animals and insects we find in our houses are there to find food and shelter. The availability of food will make them stay, but they may not spend another day if they stay for one without finding something to eat. Most people maintain proper hygiene by cleaning up fallen foods and ensuring that the waste is through into a dustbin, but they forget to check the bowls they use to feed their pets. You should take the next step of ensuring you feed your pets at a designated area for easier clean-up after meals.

Keep Your House Dry

The reason why keeping your home dry is on this list is the fact that insects wet and damp environments. You can keep the environment unfavourable for the insects by eliminating moisture and wet points around the house. Check for leaking pipes and fix them, especially in areas around the sinks and tubs. Water spots in your ceiling are also an indication of a leaking roof, which can also be an entry point for bugs.

Proper Housekeeping

Most insects and animals are attracted by your outdoors before it gets to the point of house infestation. Proper gardening and lawn maintenance can help you keep the rodents and insects away before they find a way into your house. Proper housekeeping should include both the home and garden, but most people forget the outdoors when doing home maintenance.

You should ensure that you have eliminated any clutter around your house and in your garden. The clutter you should look for during home maintenance includes old tires, broken homewares firewood piled close to the house and any unwanted debris leaning against your home and garden perimeter walls. Don’t make the mistake of compiling the waste into a compost heap because it will do more harm than good.

Applying an exterior Insecticide Treatment

The use of external insecticide treatment is the best option if you want to sell house fast. The best treatments contain long-lasting liquid formulations that contain synthetic pyrethroids like Spectracide Triazidine and Bayer Advanced Multi-Insect Killer. You should spray the chemicals on insect’s entry spots like the base of the exterior doors, foundation vents and utility openings. Treating the area around the outside perimeter of the foundation of your house will also help.

Regular external treatments should start months before you sell family home because the estate agents may consider recent spraying as a reactive procedure for a house that is already infested. Note that you should consider the local authority housing and gardening regulations before using some of these products.

Invite Birds

Another way to pest-proof your home is by attracting birds into your compound. Birds feed on bugs and small rodents, meaning their presence is an advantage to the house owners. Some of the broken homewares can make good housing for birds if they are placed at the appropriate location. Another way to attracting birds is by placing bird feeders at strategic positions around your compound.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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