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Travel Refund – Know Your Rights to Flight Compensation

Traveling is stressful enough these days. There are crowds to deal with, itineraries to fit within your schedule, and so many other factors to take into consideration that it is no wonder why many people just choose to stay home. Of course, if you want to see the world then you will likely want to take a flight at some point. While the vast majority of flights take off and land as scheduled, there are enough that are either delayed or cancelled that it can give you pause to think. No matter if you are flying for pleasure or business, quite an investment has been made when purchasing your plane ticket. Here is what you know related to your rights to flight compensation.

What Determines If a Flight is Cancelled?

A flight is considered to be canceled if the flight that was originally scheduled no longer operates. To determine how compensation is made, you will need to consider why the flight was canceled in the first place. If it is weather related, the airlines have much more latitude in terms of what type of compensation is offered. This will usually be in the form of agreeing to get you on the next available flight. If canceled for a reason that is reasonably within their control, and the flight was in the EU, then the airline is typically obligated to provide you with more compensation. You will want to file claims for EU cancelled flight. Any compensation is due to the EU 261. According to Travel Refund, “the ability to file a flight claim under EU 261 is meant to hold airlines accountable and provide compensation for passengers’ inconvenience.”

What Determines If a Flight is Delayed?

If a flight takes off more than four hours late, then it is considered to be delayed. Delays are particularly problematic if it causes you to miss a connecting flight. With a delay over a certain amount of time, the airline will typically offer food and beverage vouchers while you wait. They will also try to get you on an earlier flight if you are going to miss a connection. Lodging may be offered if the delay is believed to extend for some time into the future.

Who Can You Speak To When Reclaiming Your Expenses?

If you believe you are entitled to claims for EU cancelled flight, then it is important to speak directly to the airline. This is best done at the airport if at all possible, but you may need to call them on the phone. Regardless, knowing what your rights are will help you to ask the right questions and get a favorable result in the end.

What Are Your Compensation Options?

The type of compensation that you will receive for claims for EU cancelled flight varies. You may receive cash if your flight is canceled outright. Vouchers for future travel may also be offered, but you will want to take money if at all possible. There is also the possibility of food and lodging vouchers in some cases.

This information is meant to help you better understand your rights if something goes wrong on your trip. While it is an inconvenience, a positive attitude can go a long way. Knowing what you need to do ahead of time will also help you to get the compensation that you deserve.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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