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Are Slots More Popular Online or In-Person?

Whenever you visit a casino there is one sound that is unmistakable as soon as you hear it. Of course, we’re talking about the jingle-jangle and electronic noises of slot machines. Any person who has ever stepped foot inside of a casino has seen how immensely popular slot machines are.

The current estimate of profits for slot machines each year is around the 3 billion USD mark. And that number includes online slot machine profits as well.

More and more people are becoming attracted to the concept of online casinos and the games that they offer. Online slot machine odds can indeed be more favorable for players, considering there is no overhead for the casino, so they can afford to lower their house rake for these games to attract new players.

Let’s find out what started this online slot machine trend and why.

Online VS Live Slot Games

Online gambling has been on the rise for over 10 years. Among the most popular games that they offer, slot machines are always attracting more and more customers.

Fans of classic slot machines will generally talk about the feeling that they get whenever they spin those reels. Nothing can beat the physical interaction with that machine and the loud noises and wacky neon lights that accompany it.

So, for some, the attraction for online slot machines seems unexplainable. But profits that are steadily on the rise for online casinos tell a different story.

Here are some of the general advantages that most people argue make the online casino experience so much better:


We’ve all been there. You’re trying to figure out what to wear for your night out at the local casino.

In some cases, you have to pay attention to the dress-code before making any plans. This is one of the main reasons why online casinos are attracting more and more players to their communities.

You don’t have to plot out a gambling session like you’re preparing for a military campaign. Simply log in with your preferred device and start gambling.

You could be wearing those shorts you keep wanting to throw out while you’re at it. No one will even know except for you.

Depending on where you live smoking or drinking could be illegal inside of a casino. But those rules can’t be enforced by an online casino so you’re free to do whatever you want in the privacy of your house.

Home Office, Computer, Desk, Display, Iphone, Keyboard

Online slot games allow players to play from the comfort of their own home from a range of technology devices.

Free Spins

Brick-and-mortar casinos will generally offer some bonuses for returning customers, but these are quite limited when compared to an online casino. This makes sense given that operating a casino is extremely expensive.

You have rent, salaries, and many other costs that make it unreasonable to offer customers crazy bonuses. Online casinos on the other hand don’t have the same expenditures as physical casinos would.

What this means for you as a user is that your preferred online casino can most likely offer more bonuses.

The concept of free spins is nonexistent in real life, but online casinos will sometimes shower you with them. In certain cases, simply creating an account and making your first deposit is enough to get some free spins for your favorite slot machine game.

Wider Selection of Slot Machines

This is another zone where regular casino have limitations when compared to online casinos. Slot machines take up space and no casino have infinite floor room for each and every slot machine that is available out there.

An online casino does not have any of these problems. Most of them will offer a huge array of slot machines that you can enjoy any time of day, around the clock.

You also have to take into consideration the time spent in creating a real slot machine compared to an online one. The latter is way easier, thus creating a bigger market for online slot machines.

Casino, Slot Machine, Gambling, Entertainment, Vegas

Land-based casinos are limited to floor space for their slot machines, whereas online slot providers can offer a wide range of slot games.

The Social Aspect

For some people, gambling is not the only reason for visiting a casino. Some actually enjoy the social aspect more than anything.

Most sociable people dislike the concept of online casinos and make sure they are heard.

But there is a solution to all of this, and most online casinos have started implementing it. Chat rooms, and in some cases, even voice chat services are here to save the day for socially friendly players.

There is even the possibility of organizing communities on other platforms like Discord. So, if you’re worried that you won’t be able to find friends while playing on an online casino, the solution is already here.

Online video calling and chat rooms are taking a life of their own and online gaming communities are growing in numbers on a daily basis.

Remember Slots Don’t Take Sides

One important piece of information that directly influences slot players in their decision-making process is the fact that slot games are pretty randomized. There no way to predict when the algorithm behind the game will decide to payout.

So, whether you’re looking to play a physical slot machine or an online one, your odds of winning will not change in any way. Lady Luck takes care of these matters, so with online slots at least you won’t be looking over the shoulder at that lurker that cannot wait to take your place and most likely steal your impending winnings.


Slot machines are some of the most popular games of chance out there. Their attraction has to do with many elements, like visual stimulation and engagement, small bet and possible huge jackpot, and of course the fact that they are truly what we call a game of chance.

They are fun and you can find a huge selection of online slot games by just doing a quick search online. Happy spinning!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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