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Enjoy the Links More with These Golf Cart Accessories

Outfit Your Course’s Carts to Attract More Golfers

Today’s golf enthusiasts have lots of golf courses to choose from. And if the one you operate is on-par with the others, you need something to set it apart.

Perhaps it’s a gorgeous clubhouse with gourmet meals. Maybe it’s a bar-to-green cocktail delivery service. Or, you could deck out your fleet of golf carts with the very best golf cart accessories on the market to give your facilities an edge over your competition.

How to Accessorize Your Golf Cart Fleet

Your golf cart fleet should be one of the highlights of your golf course — next to the links themselves, of course. Your patrons should love renting and driving one of your golf carts because of how thoughtfully you’ve customized them. All your carts should have a way to haul and secure golf club bags, but there are more ways to make your golf carts unique.

For starters, avoid applying large golf course logos to them in obvious places. It’s natural to want to indicate that they’re your carts, but the less conspicuous the better, in this case. Choose a tastefully-sized golf course logo, and apply it to the back or side of the cart — no major embellishments, please.

Then, it’s time to add the basics. All golfers want respite from the sun, so a golf cart topper is a must-have for every vehicle in your fleet. Hard tops are more desirable than soft ones, because they’ll be more durable and require less maintenance, thus saving you money over time. Hard golf cart tops will protect against unexpected weather conditions, too.

Ensure your golf carts are equipped with adequate cup holders — at least one per seat. These are useful for holding refreshments while out on the course, but they also can stow things like car keys and other small items your patrons may take along with them.

Comfortable seats well above standard quality are ideal for golf course fleets. When your patrons can take a rest in the most comfortable seats they’ve ever experienced, they’ll be likely to come back again and again, just for that experience.

Golf Cart Extras

Go above and beyond with special golf cart parts that add memorable elements to your fleet.

Golf cart scorecard holders are an inexpensive way to add something special to your vehicles. These act as small clipboards to hold the paper scorecard and pencil, so they’ll never blow away in the breeze and litter your course.

If you want to keep your fleet clean and tidy, adding a spike cleaner to your carts allows golfers to remove debris that may have collected on their shoes before entering the carts. You’ll need only to clean the cleaner, rather than the entire deck of the golf cart. For an even more lush golf carting experience, you may consider adding a carpet to the decks of your golf cart fleets. These can be removed, rinsed off, and re-installed quickly, and add an element of luxury for your patrons to enjoy.

With everyone attached to their smartphones, consider adding a smartphone holder to your golf carts’ dashboards. These will not only keep these valuable items secure, but also encourage drivers to keep their phones out of their hands while driving.

The Final Word on Golf Cart Parts & Accessories

Making your golf carts special is useless if your operations and facilities teams aren’t maintaining them to absolute perfection. A well-accessorized golf cart can’t be enjoyed if it isn’t kept clean and in good working order.

Even the most special selling points for renting a golf cart for the course are rendered moot if your golfers turn up their noses at the condition of your vehicles.

Stocking up on cleaning and maintenance supplies when you order aftermarket or OEM golf cart parts for your fleet is a smart idea to ensure you never run out of anything you need to keep your vehicles running. And we bet you’ll even start seeing mentions of how wonderful your golf carts are in the positive reviews of your golf course online.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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