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Golf Equipment and Accessories: Buy or Rent?

When it comes to golf, it’s not always the best idea to start by buying all your equipment. You still don’t know how much you’ll enjoy the game yet, and you shouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars on equipment that might end up in a cold, dark closet, never to see the light of day again. If you’re already past the beginner stage and know that this is something you’ll be doing probably for the rest of your life, or at least the next few years, the decision becomes a bit more complicated.

Let’s take a look at whether buying or renting equipment would make more sense for you.

Pros and Cons of Renting

The first benefit of renting equipment is that you’ll be able to test the waters before you start spending vast sums of money on accessories and a set of clubs. The only issue is that clubs are a very personal thing and should be fitted to your body for maximum performance. You might think that only the pros can benefit from getting their clubs fitted, but the last thing you want is to start with clubs that are not adapted to your morphology. Not only will you not be able to perform as well and might regret your experience, but you might start to pick up on some bad habits to compensate.

If you’re going to a fancy club, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue since they will usually have clubs for everybody. But, if you’re going to your run-of-the-mill golf club, you might have to make some compromises.

The Pros and Cons of Buying

If you’re serious about your game and either want to start on solid foundations or get it to the next level, you need to buy your equipment. You will be able to buy clubs that fit your body perfectly and that will support your development. Not all courses will have a wide selection of clubs for children or beginners. A beginner starting on clubs that might be too heavy, the wrong size, or too stiff for them might have trouble getting their game in order and enjoying their time. And if the game isn’t fun, it’s tempting to quit before you have even started to learn the skills you need to progress.

Another thing you should consider buying instead of renting is a golf cart. Some people might think that buying a golf cart is overkill, but that’s only because they have never had to play 18 rounds without one. Golf carts are not a given, and many regular clubs will either not have any on rental, have too few of them to accommodate everybody, or charge insane prices for them.

Getting a golf cart would be a great investment if you like to play with your family and want everyone to feel comfortable. They’re not that expensive and don’t require much maintenance, though we recommend you start looking for sites that have replacement parts as they’re not always easy to find. Look for sites that have parts for the very popular Club Car carts as they are some of the best and most affordable golf carts on the planet.

Shop around for a golf cart. You might be able to pick up one second-hand that’s hardly been used. You can use your golf cart to move your heavy bag from one hole to another. They are also great for people with mobility issues who can’t walk long distances.

What About Borrowing?

Borrowing is another option for people who are strapped for cash or don’t know how much they will enjoy the game yet. It could be an okay option, but only if you have good equipment that suits you.

People care about their golf clubs, so don’t expect them to give you their best equipment in case you ruin it. You might get some of their backup clubs or clubs they haven’t used for years. They could have some signs of rust or deterioration, and they could affect your play. A club with a damaged grip, for instance, will be very difficult to maneuver for anyone, but especially for someone with little experience. So, if you were thinking of going that route, renting would be a better option most of the time, although, for a quick game on the fly, borrowing is a decent option.

Now that we’ve evaluated both options in-depth, we hope you’ll be able to make the right decision between buying or renting. It all boils down to your level of interest, your objectives, and where you are as a player. Weigh up your options and see which one is right for your needs at the present time, but generally speaking, it’s always better to wait until you fall in love with golf before you splash out on expensive equipment.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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