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7 Awesome Tech-related Gift Ideas in 2021

The world is presently facing an invisible threat, COVID-19 has affected the world to such a great extent which no one has experienced before. Neither authorities nor the citizens are fully prepared to handle such a situation. And the best possible way humans can think of is social distance and masking up. And as a consequence reduced socializing and meeting in person is only the way.

But in a situation of a pandemic, happiness and positivity should be alive and for that people at their best are celebrating occasions like marriages, anniversaries, birthday parties. Although with less number of people or within their families. Well, that is the only way we can create some positivity around us.

While the functions are going on, the tradition of gifts is also alive. And during this time when everyone is connected to technology and gadgets, the best gift is one which adds up to their productivity. Here is a list of certain tech-related gift ideas you can consider.

Without further ado, here are our top tech-related gift ideas you can buy for your loved ones:


The most useful gift for everyone, no matter if they are in a job or for students. All of us use earphones for music, calls, or meetings. But when you gift someone earbuds you give them comfort. Because now they can listen to music without being attached to the wires. Similarly, keeping your phone on your ear and holding it for long in your hands is difficult, but when you have earbuds you are free to do anything else with them. Therefore, this is one of the best gifts you can think of.

Gifting a Network Encryption Tool

A VPN is a short-form for Virtual Private Network which is an encrypted tunnel that connects your device to the Internet. A VPN encrypts your home WiFi or any network that you use, ensuring no one can snoop on your online activity. A VPN also offers the freedom of watching your favorite shows from all around the world. Therefore, you can buy a VPN for them and not only give them a secure network but also provide them the availability to watch shows that might not be available in a country they are currently located in.

Home assistant

Many companies like Google have launched their home assistant. These can be the best gifts you can give to a tech lover. Such an assistant is like your helping hand at least for those tasks which do not involve manual work. Some tasks like, switching the appliances on or off and receiving and making calls and other such tasks can very easily be handled by them.

Smartwatches or FitBits

Nowadays it is really important to keep yourself healthy and maintain immunity. And therefore it is important to track your fitness. You can give your loved ones a smartwatch or a FitBit. It will help them to know how much they are paying attention to their health and how they can improve.

Temperature control smart mugs

Have you ever felt frustrated when your coffee cools down because you got engaged in your work? So now the solution is there and you can gift it to your friends and family also. This smart device will keep your drinks at the desired temperature which you want them to be. You can control the temperature of the mug through an app on your smartphone. Another variant of the mug is also available which keeps the cold beverages intact.

Wireless chargers

Your desk looks messy because of so many wires tangled. Here is something which can help you. A wireless charger allows you to remove the charging wires of your phones from your desk. If you are doubtful about buying such a device, the best thing you can do is to buy one, and then you will love the product because of its utilities. Apart from removing the wires, it adds up to the overall look of your room and gives an impression that you are a tech-lover.

Phone sanitizer and charger

During this time proper sanitization of yourself as well as your mobile, keys and other such small things. And for that here is a perfect gift for your loved ones, a phone sanitizer with a charger. You can find it easily on e-commerce platforms, it is useful not only for phones but also for other equipment also. This gadget serves a dual purpose, it cleans the device as well as charges your mobile and therefore this should be on your list.


During these tough times, you can bring a smile to someone’s face with a useful gift for them. And nowadays the best thing can be a tech-related gift. Because everyone is at their home, gifts, as mentioned above, will surely help in one or the other way. Gifts like earbuds, home assistants, and chargers are helpful for everyone. And for those who are working from home, VPNs, smart mugs are useful. Therefore, you are never short of gifts and especially for tech-lovers.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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