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Who Spends the Most Tokens on Live Adult Games and Where?

Have you ever wondered who spends the most tokens on live cam sites? You won’t believe the answers

People have some odd habits. It’s not odd if someone likes to spend their evenings at home chatting with models on live adult gaming sites. But what is odd is the time of day that some people choose to watch. But hey, to each their own right?

It’s no secret that cam sites and live adult games have completely shifted old societal norms over the last few years. The rise in popularity of live porn has been a true eye-opener for many people realizing that porn can be an interactive and intimate experience. So let’s take a look at some of the places with the most token spent on cam sites.

Before we get into it though, let’s cover what exactly are cam sites and how does the token system work.

A brief introduction to cam sites and live adult games

Cam sites are websites that host live adult entertainment video streaming. The sites usually have a menu like display of all the different cam models available for a show, and people can pick from tons of different men and women to chat with. Some models are professional and cam full time. Professional models will have the best lighting and know how to work their angles to provide viewers with all kinds of sexy fantasies. While others might just be starting out in the camming industry are considered “amateur”, and will give users a much more realistic and natural experience

Cam sites like ePlay, for example, also offer a new trendy option called live adult gaming. These live adult games offer users an experience like no other. You can choose interactive live games that let you and your model of choice cook together or do other kinds of arts and crafts. You can play truth or dare or simply make special and extra kinky requests for your models. No matter which game you decide on, it’s sure to be a wild and uniquely sexy experience.

The way in which viewers pay for their model’s time and willingness to fulfill fetish requests is by paying them in tokens.

What are tokens?

Tokens are used to pay cam models because in many countries it’s considered illegal to pay for sex outright. Tokens take care of that problem, by allowing the viewer to simply tip models when they see fit. A model doesn’t necessarily have to follow or complete every request asked by viewers. But they just might if they are tipped enough.

So with that said, let’s see where the big token spenders are located and at what strange times of day they are paying!

Where are the most tokens spent on live cam sites?

According to data gathered by CamSoda form within the United States, the areas with the most token spenders are plentiful. But it’s the west coast, southern states, and northeast all see the eyebrow-raising behavior. Let’s take a live cam road trip and cruise the states to see what time’s these horny Americans like to spend their tokens.

If you have ever been to America, then you know that the west coast is home to Los Angeles, San Francisco in California, and Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. But another state that you may not have heard of, is Utah. Utah is home to some of the most religious people in all of America. Now with that said, try to imagine that the state of Utah is one of the biggest outliers when it comes to live porn viewing. According to CamSoda, Utah’s highest average for tokens spent among its users is on Sundays at 3 pm. Make what you will with that information.

Going South, things get a little weirder still. Not really a surprise if you’re familiar with the USA.

In Louisiana, you can find the city of Baton Rouge with tons of spicy cajun food and lively cultures all living together in one state. Apparently on Monday nights at 3 am, you can also find the highest number of tokens being spent on live adult entertainment sites! A little late night cam session or live adult game is probably therapeutic after a long Monday down south.

Going back to the west coast, but a bit more northwest this time, there’s the state of Montana. In Montana, people are apparently the get-er-done kind, as they like to spend the most tokens at 8 am on Monday mornings.

And in New York, Saturday at 4 am is obviously the best time of day to pay up and enjoy a morning chat session. By the looks of it, morning wood is no inconvenience for New Yorkers.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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