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Why Getting Solar, Oregon, Is Great for Your Home

With the number of solar installations in the US now exceeding 2 million, many homeowners are taking a second look. The days when solar was some kind of fringe technology are long past us. Solar is now a major source of alternative energy.

Does that mean solar Oregon will work out, though? Isn’t Oregon renowned for its rain?

While Oregon might not get the same kind of sunshine as southwestern states like Nevado or California, it doesn’t make solar power a bad decision. If you’re debating about getting a solar panel installation, keep reading for several key reasons solar is a great choice for your Oregon home.

Lower Electricity Costs

Even with the rain and cloud cover, there are places in Oregon with more than 190 sunny or partly sunny days. Sure, you might struggle to totally replace grid electricity. You can still put a huge dent in your electric bill with that many sunny days each year.

If you’re really committed to reducing your utility costs and your roof can support it, you can go in for a larger system to help offset the more limited sunshine.


The federal incentive for solar power is on borrowed time and set to expire in 2024 unless Congress extends it again. That still leaves you a couple of years to take advantage of the ITC.

Beyond that, Oregon runs a number of solar power incentives, one or more of which may apply to your home. Taken together, these incentives and rebates can cut your solar panel cost by thousands of dollars and save you some money come tax season.

Help the Environment

For many homeowners, the drive toward solar panels Oregon is as much about wanting to do something for the environment as it is about cutting home energy costs. Solar power does help you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

Solar lets you reduce your and your home’s carbon footprint. It also helps you reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity generation can take a lot of water. Gooing solar helps you protect water resources, which are an increasingly fragile resource.

Give Local Businesses a Boost

There is a very good chance that your local installers, like, employ local men and women. When you hire a solar installer, you help put money back into the local economy. A stronger local economy encourages people to move there and even open more local businesses, which typically helps a community stay financially healthy.

Solar Oregon and You

Solar Oregon may seem a little counterintuitive on the surface. You just don’t see all the sunshine you get in other parts of the country.

While Oregon will never compete with states like Arizona for solar production potential, it’s not a lost cause either. There are more than enough sunny days in Oregon for it to make a meaningful difference to your utility costs. Plus, you get to do some good for the environment.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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