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3 Ways to Make Your Drivers More Efficient

Drivers are an important part of a lot of businesses. They help deliver products to customers, and ensure your clients get the crucial service they need on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they can also be a drain on your company’s resources if you don’t know how to make the most of your assets. The cost of having vehicles in your business doesn’t begin and end with purchasing branded trucks or cars. You’ll also need to account for the regular ongoing costs of fuel, maintenance, training, and insurance – fees which can often increase over time. The best way to ensure you’re not spending a fortune unnecessarily, is to look for ways to make your drivers more efficient. Here are some valuable strategies to get you started.

Use Fleet Telematics

Most companies with a number of drivers in their workforce already use fleet tracking and analytics tools to help them save money. However, it’s worth noting that some smaller companies still overlook these tools, assuming they’re intended for bigger companies only. The reality is that tracking tools can be valuable for organizations of all sizes. You can use the right technology to cost-effectively examine employee performance out on the road, access real-time GPS tracking, and even implement smart geo-fencing. You can even use the right tools to plan more efficient routes for your staff, so you can deliver service or products to your customers as quickly as possible, without wasting fuel.

Invest in the Right Cars

Ultimately, your drivers can only be efficient if the vehicles they’re operating are up to date. Although it might seem like an extra expense to invest in high-quality or modern vehicles when there are second-hand options out there, you usually do get what you pay for. To ensure you’re empowering your staff to perform at their best, consider looking into all the different car options available, to see which ones will give you the best return on investment in the long-run. Ideally, you want a car that’s affordable to run, efficient with fuel, and equipped with the right technology to make your teams more efficient. For instance, you might consider looking into vehicles which have things like lane keep assist, and cruise control to assist your drivers when they’re feeling a little fatigued behind the wheel.

Train Your Team

Finally, properly training your team will do wonders to increase efficiency levels across the board. You can’t expect your staff members to be the best at keeping things like fuel costs low if they don’t know how to master the vehicle they’re working with. Providing extensive training can help to make your employees more efficient on the roads, but it also makes a huge difference to staff engagement levels too. If your employees feel like you’re investing in them, they’re more likely to invest in your company in return. This makes it easier to access the engaged and dedicated employees who can give your company the power it needs to thrive. Show your employees you’re committed to helping them succeed. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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