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Want to Travel Fast Between the USA & Canada? Here’s How

Every year, millions of people travel between the USA and Canada. The close proximity of the two countries is a natural explanation behind these high numbers. Whether it’s for work, leisure and fun, or for other purposes, American and Canadian travel is definitely a trend that is not expected to become outdated anytime soon. 

However, one of the biggest problems when traveling between counties is timely border processing, waiting in lines, and wasting precious time that can otherwise be invested into other priorities like work or fun. So if you’re planning to visit the United States from Canada or vice versa, it’s best to prepare in advance and see how you can make your travel quicker and more pleasant.

In this article, we’ll share with you a few useful tips on how you can save time when traveling between the USA and Canada and how you can make your adventure more fun. No matter if you’re a working professional traveling for business or someone who’s looking for new experiences in a foreign country, this article will answer some of your biggest questions. 

The NEXUS Card

If you’re traveling for leisure between the two countries by air, sea, or land, you can cut down the time waiting in lines for background checks and security by applying for a NEXUS card. What’s the NEXUS card and how can it be useful for you?

The NEXUS card is a trusted traveler program that allows people to travel between the USA and CANADA more quickly and easily. The card is valid for five years, and participants can use it for land, air, and sea crossings. To be eligible for the card, applicants must pass a background check and have no criminal record. The card offers many benefits, including expedited processing at the border, exemption from certain customs duties, and access to special lanes at airports. Overall, the NEXUS card is a great way to save time and hassle when traveling between the USA and CANADA.

Naturally, the NEXUS card is preferred by many when it comes to traveling between the USA and Canada. 

The FAST Program

Another way to make your travels quicker and more convenient is by taking advantage of the FAST program. If you’ve only traveled the traditional way, by relying on a passport and other necessary documentation, without looking into ways to make your travel process faster, you’re probably wondering what the FAST program is in the first place.

The FAST program is a joint initiative between the United States and Canada that allows for expedited clearance of travelers between the two countries. The program is designed to reduce wait times for travelers and improve security by allowing customs and immigration officials to pre-screen travelers prior to their arrival. To apply for the FAST program, travelers must be a citizen or permanent resident of either the United States or Canada and must have been cleared by both countries’ customs and immigration agencies. There is no fee to participate in the FAST program.

The FAST program is particularly useful for people traveling between the United States and Canada for business or leisure. By clearing travelers in advance, the FAST program allows them to avoid long lines at border crossings and speeds up the process of clearing customs and immigration. For people who frequently travel between the two countries, enrolling in the FAST program can save a significant amount of time.

Be prepared in advance 

Another tip for enjoying quicker travels is to always be prepared in advance and be one step ahead. Whenever you are entering a new country, you’ll need to present a certain set of documents. Each country has its own unique requirements and guidelines when it comes to this process. By doing your research beforehand, you’ll be able to make a list of all of the necessary documents and prepare everything you’ll need for your journey. This can cut down the time you’ll need to enter a country dramatically. 

If you’re not using a NEXUS card or the FAST program, you’re probably still going to have to wait in lengthy lines and go through the full inspection process. But the good news is that once it’s your turn, you’ll be able to proceed with the checks rather than have to waste time gathering your documents or worse – postponing your trip. 

We hope that this article will help you enjoy faster travels between the USA and Canada by relying on the NEXUS or FAST programs.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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