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College Basketball Picks – How to Analyze the Odds

When it comes to college basketball picks, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the odds. Injuries have a huge impact on NCAAB season and the odds of winning a game are greatly affected by the absence of key players. Experienced bettors scour injury reports before making their bets.

Unlike amateurs who aren’t very familiar with the sport, professional college basketball handicappers have spent years following every game. They begin analyzing the NCAAB odds early and start focusing on upcoming games even before the teams have released their rosters. In addition to this, they develop contacts on campus and learn about breaking team news well before the mainstream media does. These professionals use their extensive knowledge of the game and their proprietary algorithms to make astute college basketball picks.

College basketball picks can be found on a variety of sites. Sports Daily, for example, provides expert college basketball picks every day. Some sports books also provide picks. In addition, many student newspapers and campus publications have team news and interviews. You can also find college basketball picks on websites like Picks and Parlays. These expert picks are based on the latest NCAAB odds and standings.

Many people use the point spread to place bets on college basketball games. This is the most common betting method for college basketball picks. With this method, sportsbooks decide which team is the favorite and then create odds on which team will cover. The bettors then decide which team should cover and bet accordingly. For example, if Arkansas beats Duke by 5 points or more, the team covers the spread.

The best college basketball picks are those that correctly predict which team will win and cover the point spread. To determine which team has the best chance of winning, sportsbooks analyze various factors, including recent results, team news, and head-to-heads. They also consider factors like home advantage and the recent standing of the team. These factors play a major role in handicapping the game.

Duke and Gonzaga are both loaded with potential NBA players. But despite Duke’s youth and depth, UNC’s roster is much stronger. The Tar Heels went to the NCAA Tournament last year and are expected to win the league. If they can land center Michael Nwoko, the odds for UCLA will shorten even further.

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