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A Guide to Safe Cannabis Consumption

Some people see cannabis as a purely recreational substance. Others head down to the San Diego dispensary to get their prescribed medication. No matter why you choose to imbibe, it’s important to consume cannabis safely. Using these types of products inappropriately may end up hurting you and might put others in danger, too!

Cannabinoid Confusion

To use cannabis substances safely, it’s important to understand how they interact with your body. Injecting such products releases cannabinoids into your system which react with receptors throughout your body. While there are many differences between CBD and THC, the main cannabinoids found in cannabis, the most important distinction is their effect on the brain. THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, while CBD has more benign effects.

The biggest concern with consuming cannabis products is the THC. Since it is psychoactive and can change your perception of time and how you interpret your senses, it can leave you in a compromised state of mind. Check with an associate at the San Diego dispensary to learn more about specific products and their THC content.

Mixing Medications

Patients should be careful about what types of prescriptions they use in conjunction with cannabis. Some medications can have adverse effects when combined with others, and cannabis is no exception. If you have been prescribed such products to relieve chronic pain, insomnia, or nausea, talk with your primary care physician to see if it will cause negative interactions with your other meds.

For those looking to try cannabis on their own, there are a number of situations where visits to the San Diego dispensary should be accompanied by a little caution. Blood thinners and anxiety meds are two examples of medications that might interact poorly with cannabis. Expectant mothers or those trying for pregnancy should also put cannabis on the “don’t” list since it’s easy for THC to make its way to the baby!

Know Your Products

There are many ways to consume marijuana, and each carries its own peculiar risks. Depending on the way you use cannabis, it can greatly affect your experience. The main types of products include:


Bud is the old standby for cannabis users, and smoking is the most common method of consumption. Your San Diego dispensary will have the THC and CBD amounts listed so you can better understand how much you are ingesting. When you find one that works well for you, take note of the name and grower so you can try and recreate that experience again. Smoking should see effect onset within the first half hour and usually lasts for at least several.

Avoid taking deep breaths when inhaling the smoke as it can cause damage to your lungs. Flower contains some of the same carcinogens as tobacco products, and smoking it provides a pathway into your body. People with compromised immune systems or lung problems should investigate other means of using cannabis.


Using vapes to smoke cigarettes has been a growing trend which has made the jump over to cannabis consumption as well. The advantage to vaping is the lack of smoke. Instead of sucking in dangerous chemicals, the vaporized THC and CBD are inhaled with water vapor. Because it is heated to allow the compounds to atomize, it can still burn your throat. Consuming cannabis via vaping has similar onset times and lasts about as long as traditional smoking.

The main issue with vaping is its novelty. More data needs to be collected about long-term use, though current studies indicate it is quite harmless. Some consumers feel they get a less intense high when using a vape, an advantage for new users adjusting to the THC and CBD experience. Make sure you get your cartridges from a reputable source such as a San Diego dispensary because poorly-made products can have extra and unwanted chemical ingredients.


Eating cannabis products is quickly becoming the favored method of consumption. It is easy, discreet, and has long-lasting effects. Instead of entering the bloodstream by your lungs, edibles need to be digested so they take longer to be absorbed. Conversely, the THC will circulate through your system much longer. Since edibles take an hour or so before you fully feel their effects, take your time and start with smaller doses to avoid taking too much at once.


For the cannabis elite, concentrates are the new big thing. It involves heating up a small amount of very potent cannabis, called a dab, to just the right temperature and inhaling the vapors. People prefer this method because it creates a quick, very intense THC-dominant high. With the right technique, you can avoid ingesting those harmful carcinogens, too. A San Diego dispensary will generally carry all of the equipment needed to try out your first dab.

Intelligent Intoxication

No matter how you choose to consume cannabis, it’s important to always stay safe. Treat THC-based products just as you would any other intoxicant such as beer or wine. Staying off the road is always a good choice while inebriated, and cannabis use should be no different. If you act responsibly when consuming cannabis products, you’re sure to have a safe experience that shows you the many ways cannabis can influence your life!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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