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What Makes Bingo A Timeless Classic?

Bingo is such a well-known game that you may be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of it, whether online or land-based. But if you look beyond the numbered balls, bingo cards, and the all-important dabber, how much do you know about this classic game of chance?


The Need to Participate

The involvement of players helps distinguish bingo from a lottery game. By this, we mean how they interact when the game is being played. During a course of bingo, players dab the numbers on their cards as they are called out by the bingo caller. 

Online bingo may involve technology to do this on the player’s behalf, such as apps having a facility that automatically crosses off the numbers on their cards as they are called out. Having different bingo jackpots and themed rooms, like Rock and Lock and the Diamond Room in the lobby of bingo at Paddy’s, keeps this game different and varied for players, both old and new. They can see what the prize is and what the game is about to help them decide if they want to enter the room to play.

A Game of Chance

Bingo is a game of chance, meaning there is little skill required to play the game or to win, according to Plexus. Additionally, players play against one another and not against a dealer. Everyone has an equal chance of winning as soon as they settle down to play. 

Despite all players having cards that have random numbers, the game still gives them an equal chance of winning. No one knows what numbered ball is going to be called out, nor in what order. This is what adds to the anticipation and excitement of playing bingo because anyone in the room can be a winner at any time. 

Full House! 

The third element of bingo is the point someone shouts, “Full House!” This marks the end of the game as there is a winner of the prize. Players will be told when the game ends, such as when someone has marked their numbers off on their card, in the game’s description.

Due to the different types of jackpots, such as fixed or progressive jackpots, the duration of each game of bingo will vary. This is great for players that want to play a longer game than normal, or want to play a shorter game. With everyone having an equal chance of winning, it’s a surprise for the winner when they realize they’ve got a full house.

It’s these important elements that make bingo so distinguishable from other games. That, and the different rooms available because of their themes and jackpots. There are bingo games with different amounts of balls, as explained by Our Pastimes.

As there are so many different aspects to each game, players are spoiled for choice. They can select whatever game suits them when it comes to deciding what bingo game to play. They have as much chance of winning as anyone else who’s playing alongside them, meaning the jackpot is open to anyone.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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