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What Are The Best Slingo Games?

The Slingo format is relatively new but has made a big impact in the online gambling world. These games are something like a cross between bingo and slots, with diverse themes used to create a series of different titles, so which are the best options for someone trying Slingo for the first time?

Slingo Riches

We can see a range of games in the category marked Slingo at Paddy Power. Some games are based on popular TV game shows or existing slots. They’re played on a grid of numbers that the player has to cross off through a series of spins that bring up numbers and symbols. Extra features have been added to some games, with Slingo Riches having a bonus screen and wheel bonuses to keep the action going.

Slingo Riches was the original game of this type, released by Slingo Originals in 2015 as a fresh way of playing that combines the best elements of bingo and slots. The player is given 11 spins and each winning line moves the prize indicator up the list of ever-increasing figures, which is a crucial part of the game that has remained in place ever since then.

Slingo Starburst

Once it became clear that there was space in the online gambling market for this format, other titles based on a variety of themes began to appear. The idea behind this game was to combine the popular Starburst slot by NetEnt with the Slingo mechanism that we just looked at. This time they made the gameplay run for ten spins and added in a few visuals and sound effects that fans of Starburst will recognise right away.

The gameplay is similar to the original game mentioned above, but in this case getting three or more winning lines gives a bonus spin. This round sees you pick up a guaranteed win featuring a specific symbol from the Starburst slot, so the higher you number of lines completed, the more valuable the symbol featured in this bonus.

Deal or No Deal Slingo

The versatility of the Slingo format is revealed in this game, where the popular TV game show Deal or No Deal, hosted in the US by Howie Mandel on NBC, is used to create an alternative way of playing. This time, the developers used the same grid layout but put each number in a box. Before your first spin, you need to choose a box that you want to set aside and that will come in useful later on in the game.

The game then plays out in the same way as those others, with a total of ten spins allowed. You’ll see the different values disappear from the side of the screen as the boxes with those figures are opened. An offer from the banker is unlocked once you have four completed lines, and at this point, you decide whether to accept it or carry on trying to mark off your remaining numbers.

The best way to choose the right Slingo game for your needs is to check out the list and see which ones most appeal to you. With the number of options increasing all the time, this is an area where we can expect to see more new themes and features added over time.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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