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What’s The Ideal Amount Of Time To Spend Gaming?

Gaming is a hobby that so many people enjoy – it’s seemingly becoming more popular by the day and more accessible, too, thanks to the strides being made in the relevant digital and technological regions. With all of this comes a greater variety of choices. There are more games to play than ever before, more ways to play those games, and more ways of connecting with your friends or social groups through those games.

With all of this in mind, it can feel as though there’s more reason to play which can mean more time spent playing. However, too much might be detrimental to both your health and your enjoyment of the games you love, so how much should you play?

The Type of Game

This is an important category to pin down before you start, as it can affect the approach that you take. If you’re playing the online pokies Australia, you’ll likely be playing them in bursts. Finding yourself with a free moment can be a good opportunity to securely play some slots, or a hand of blackjack, before returning to the matter at hand. That can make it difficult to play, but it’s also about keeping it within moderation so that you’re able to pull away when you want to.

With other games, like long-form single-player games, you might find them easier to sit down and binge for longer periods of time, which makes it easy to break up the time. So it might be about counting how much time you play games if doing so on mobile, which might be locatable within your settings.

For Your Eyes

There are multiple reasons to take breaks – a good place to start is your eyes. Screen time can be damaging to your eyes, but that might not be news. However, what does that translate to in terms of breaks? It might mean that you take shorter breaks more regularly. So, in this sense, a break doesn’t mean that you stop your gaming session. It just means that every twenty minutes or so, you get up, move around, and look at things that are further away – perhaps through your window. This is a technique that is resorted to regularly in a working environment as well, where a lot of time can be spent looking at screens.

Throughout the time that you are playing, it’s important that you remember to blink regularly, as your eyes can go dry without that.

For Your Wellbeing

Sometimes, you have a day off, or an evening, and all you want to do is sit down and play games. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself occasionally, but when it becomes the norm, you might find that your health is taking a bit of a hit. Part of this might be because of how you’re spending so much time sitting and not getting enough exercise, but it might also be the case that you’re not spending enough time outside. Both of these problems could be remedied by just ensuring that you go on long walks each day, making sure that you go to as natural or green spaces as possible to get the fresh air that you need.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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