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Sports Betting And The World Of eSports: A Growing Relationship

The emergence of eSports has provided such an exciting avenue of competition for new generations of gamers. In the same way the internet facilitated an incredible, expansive world of digital gambling. It caused an eruption of new, innovative markets to select from, and eSports has provided this for video gamers looking to turn their hobby into a lucrative profession. Now that both industries are well-established and multi-billion dollar companies, the relationship between the two has started to blossom. Many avenues within both industries have started to impact the other.

Exploring The Biggest eSports Betting Markets

Riot Games are one of the biggest names in the world of eSports due to their smash-hit game designs like League Of Legends and Valorant, which have become colossal successes in various eSports tournaments. League Of Legends is the most prominent eSports market, and it is one of the most successful video games of all time, still enjoying immense success despite being released back in 2009. Exploring these eSports leagues is interesting, and it’s drummed up a lot of intrigue amongst people who have witnessed the meteoric rise of the betting markets that run alongside the big eSports tournaments.


As with any betting market where you stake your hard-earned cash, it is always a solid idea to read up on how it works and the markets you can find. Given that games like Valorant only hit our screens less than five years ago, despite their vast popularity, many people with a casual interest in eSports betting are looking to understand it more before exploring this budding professional gaming gambling market. Within a very small window of time, Valorant went from a new, highly-rated game to having 1.5 million active daily players. First-person shooter games are extremely popular, but Riot Games managed to design a game that captured the imagination of gamers and set its title apart from all the others within the genre.

As with most things in life, wherever there’s a big audience and a lot of money flowing into the sector quickly, gambling markets can and will spring up to take advantage of the popularity, and eSports betting is now a big hit amongst online gamblers. Now that Valorant has such an established market and amazingly successful eSports tournament, there’s now a range of markets you can find at, where you can also find out more information about how the game works and the sort of markets you can find.

To ensure that you aren’t rushing into your eSports bet – providing education is critical. Given that eSports markets like Valorant are projected to grow enormously, familiarizing yourself with how they work now will give you a better idea of what to look for when placing your bets on these specific eSports markets. Despite the perennial pessimism you can find oozing from certain media outlets, the current outlook from those in the know is one of optimism, with all the statistics and investment figures suggesting this sector is going to continue to expand for the rest of this decade, and the thriving and flourishing eSports betting markets are an example of that.

Traditional Sports Betting Markets

If you prefer to place a bet on a more conventional market, betting on professional video gaming might make you slightly dizzy. However, there’s not much more information you need to learn about the types of wagers you can place. As eSports tournaments often follow the same format as many professional sports knockout tournaments, the betting markets will mirror similar markets in other pro sports, such as match winner, over/under, and handicap betting.

Given that sportsbooks will offer a range of markets for eSports and professional sports on the same website, it is resulting in more gamblers starting to look upon these new gambling markets with greater intrigue. Given that sports betting and gamblers have been able to make an effortless transition onto digital platforms, eSports could be next in line to experience the sort of meteoric boom we saw in these markets when digital gambling first emerged as a worthy competitor to traditional avenues at the beginning of this century.

Final Thoughts

Although it is still in its primitive stages, eSports can bring millions of viewers in and generate prize pools that have grown into millions of dollars. Professional analysis conducted into the eSports industry has indicated that by 2030 the market will be worth over $4 billion. Several analysts have stated that the rise in sports betting and that many areas in the United States and Canada have now looked at online sports betting more leniently has helped drive the interest in eSports and professional sports.

Since sports betting and eSports have many similar markets, and several eSports markets focus on sports games like NFL Madden and FIFA, the two industries will likely continue to become closer as they expand in the digital age. Any gambling market is driven by the demand for the commodity that underpins it, and in the world of professional gaming, this is no different.

With multiple companies designing expensive, high-spec specialist equipment for gamers to maximize their experience, there is nothing to suggest that the eSports market will slow down anytime soon. The same applies to sports betting, which manages to continue to profit and expand even during periods of economic uncertainty, and the fact that both industries were so robust even through these uncertain times shows that their growing relationship has a lot more economic variables driving their success than people might think.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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