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The 10 Greatest High End Clothing Websites

Get to know which high-end clothing retailers really hit the mark online.

If we were to make a list of all the clothing brands and their websites in America we would certainly never finish it, it would be endless.

That’s why we just went for a list of best the websites clothing retailers have available online, much more simple for us to write and for you to know where you get the real value out of your buck online in sheer quality, one single piece from these stores puts to shame thousands of $5 knockoffs you might find elsewhere and establishes you as the exceptional buyer that can really afford it from the retailer. Besides the high-end clothes, you may have some cute makeup products from Tonymoly.

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Take a look at the best high-end clothing retailers online.

#1 Matchesfashion

The MatchesFashion travel product recommended by Nate Masterson on Lifney.

This website is not only great for finding styles that literally just walked the runway, but It also has articles telling you about the latest trends and what’s new. If you want something high end, but have no idea where to start, this website is a great place.


#2 Ssense

The Ssense travel product recommended by Nate Masterson on Lifney.

This website allows you to shop your favorite designers while also letting you read editorials. It’s an online fashion magazine. It’s full of articles about fashion and the latest trends. If you want some good fashion articles to read, this is a great place to start.


#3 Gente Roma

The GENTE Roma travel product recommended by Arianna Della Ciana on Lifney.

GENTE Roma for over thirty years has been a landmark in the luxury fashion industry in Rome: GENTE Roma is a luxury multi-brand, men’s and women’s online shop with ten boutiques located in the most prestigious areas of the Capital and in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia (Italy). Thanks to the constant research and careful selection, GENTE Roma is an expression of contemporaneity: a physical and digital place, where tradition and innovation come together giving life to an emotional shopping experience, to discover the best Italian and international Maison.


#4 Luisaviaroma

The LUISAVIAROMA travel product recommended by Piper Gore on Lifney.

Beautiful collection of high end clothing with an edgy, European twist. A family business started by a Parisian woman and Florentine man, they originally were a small hat shop in Paris, from there, moved to Florence and opened another hat shop and kept expanding their offering. Based in Florence, Italy, they are known for being pioneers and having a one of the most exciting collections, both in store and on-line.


#5 Forward By Elyse Walker

The FORWARD BY ELYSE WALKER travel product recommended by Piper Gore on Lifney.

Based in California, they are known for an edgy, cool collection of high-end fashion with an easy west coast spirit. They carry an expertly selected collection of established and new designers.


#6 Netaporter

The NETAPORTER travel product recommended by Piper Gore on Lifney.

Known for being the original online luxury e-commerce go-to. Originally based out of London, they carry one of the most comprehensive offerings of luxury and mid-tier brands. They are known for incredible customer service and a beautifully curated selection of lifestyle necessities.


#7 Lisa Aviva

The LISA AVIVA travel product recommended by Lisa A. Bleviss on Lifney.

LISA AVIVA, a Sustainable Luxury fashion brand for women sizes 10+. The collection is available online and at private sales events – customers can sign up as Insiders on the website. They will be notified of private sales.


#8 Kd Boutique

The KD Boutique travel product recommended by Bryan Pattman on Lifney.

KD Boutique MP is a high-end boutique located in New Jersey that has clothing and accessories that is sourced from the best New York City shops.


#9 Dara Lamb

The DARA LAMB travel product recommended by Melissa Assael on Lifney.

DARA LAMB in midtown Manhattan in New York makes Hand-Made Bespoke clothing for the most powerful women in business and philanthropy. Her designs are timeless, the fabrics and construction on a level not found anywhere else and the experience of working with her and her team is truly phenomenal. She finds just the perfect fabrics and styles to suit your taste and needs and literally “sculpts” your custom wardrobe to your body – amazing!


#10 Zaza Boutique

The ZaZa Boutique travel product recommended by Dana Todd on Lifney.

ZaZa Boutique offers custom made-to-measure couture dresses, designed and sewn by hand in Bucharest, Romania. Finest European tailoring and high quality fabrics are hallmarks of ZaZa fashions. Special occasion, cocktail and work styles available exclusively to US customers on


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Melissa Assael from Douglas Elliman

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