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A Guide To The Different Types Of Nose Piercings & Standard Piercing Sizes

Without any doubt, nose piercing is a perfect way to grace one’s face. It’s fashionable and adds a bit of trendiness to your existing style. Whether it’s a professional environment or everyday school/college life, a cute little piercing on your nose has something to say. With so many types of piercing looks trending, including nostril piercing, septum piercing, and Nasallang, it’s hard to decide which one to opt for. At the same time, while you can achieve any nose piercing look, you can’t go wrong with nostril piercing. This piercing offers the most variety in the designs and styles. No matter whether you wear a gold nose ring on your nostrils or adorn it with a simple gemstone stud, it can drastically change the look, in a positive way. If you want to buy nose rings, you can go to Roy Jewels for their products. But you might ask, can a nose ring close up? They also have the answer for that.

Nostril piercing jewelry styles

While there are so many nose piercing jewelry styles available, these styles are what you are sure to find in every jewelry shop:


Nostril screws or studs are straight bars that have a ball at one end to secure the jewelry in place. These are the most common jewelry starters. Type of studs includes:

  • Twist: It consists of a hook at the end that rests securely inside the nose.
  • Nose Bone: It has a post with a stud on one side and a ball with a slightly larger diameter of the post on the other. A nose bone is ideal to wear when your piecing is completed healed.
  • L-shape: Similar to Twist, this jewelry style has a 90-degree bent which allows it to come off the nose without the need of twisting off a screw.
  • Nose Pin: It’s a nose bone without a ball at the end.


Nose rings offer a different look than nose screws and studs. However, both are equally trendy and cute.

  • Hoop Nose Ring: The traditional style of nose jewelry, a hoop ring has a ball that rests firmly on the nostril.
  • Seamless Ring Hoop Nose Ring: It is a hoop nose ring without a ball.
  • Faux Hoop Nose Ring: A ring with an L-shape backing

Nose Ring Sizing: Finding the Perfect Fit

To find the right fit for your nose piercing, you have to understand the four main parts for fitting.

Gauge: Gauge refers to the thickness of nose jewelry that goes inside your nose. The gauge size represents the size of the piercing hole that a piercer will make in your nose. The standard size for a nostril piercing is 20G. However, the piercer will make the hole with a larger needle (like up to 16G) to let your piercing heal faster.

Diameter and Length: Measuring the diameter of the nose hoop and length of nose stud is extremely important. The ideal stud length ranges from 5 to 7 mm. For a hoop nose ring, the most common diameter sizes are 5/16” (8mm) and 3/8″ (10mm).

Metals: The type of metal you choose for your nose jewelry defines the overall look of your piercing. Opt for high-quality metals are they don’t tarnish or oxidize. Surgical Steel and gold are the best metal options to rely on. Titanium is good but it’s not meant for a healing piercing. Silver is cheap but it oxidizes easily and leaves black marks on the skin. While choosing metals, you should also pay attention to metal allergies you have.

Adornment: While they are many adornments you can go for, gemstones and diamonds are the most popular ones. The most common size in the gemstone is 2.5mm. If you opt for a diamond, choose 3mm as the size.

Start from piercing gauges, choose length or diameter and then decide what metal and adornment you want.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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