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What To Do When You Forget Your Luggage In A Cab Or Taxi

There is no denial that a lot of tourists forget their luggage, cell phones and wallets in taxi cabs every now and then. The records show that there is a higher possibility that most tourists forget their stuff in the back seat of cabs. If you are traveling with excess baggage in a fast-paced city like New York, you can easily secure it by storing at numerous luggage storage locations in New York to eliminate the risk of losing it.

If you have faced a similar situation of losing your luggage in a cab, your first response will be to panic which can be understood. But instead of going through a complete nervous breakdown over losing your stuff, you need to follow certain steps to get it back before someone else could claim it or it gets lost forever.

1. Collect all the information you can about the cab.

You may find it hard to remember the details about the cab after finding out that your precious luggage is missing but the more you remember about the cab, the better are your chances of recovering your luggage. Take a deep breath and try to remember about the Crete taxi as much as possible because it will shorten your search. It will be really helpful if you remember things like the driver’s name, cab number, color, company, vehicle brand, etc.

2. Protect Your documents first

Since there is always a possibility that you may not be able to find your luggage again, it is important to protect yourself from any further damage. If you have lost important documents like passport, driving license, social security card, you need to report immediately to the authorities to prevent any misuse. Similarly, if you have lost your debit or credit card, you need to contact your bank immediately to get them terminated. If you have lost your phone, you need to contact your service provider and manufacturer company to track the phone or help you with the encryption of the device to prevent leakage of any sensitive information you might have on your phone.

3. Fill Out Lost and Found

A lot of reputed cab companies offer services like lost and found which helps people to retrieve their lost luggage. If you are having a hard time to remember the name of the cab company, you should check the receipt of the payment made to the cab. Once you find the name of the cab company, you should visit their website at once to find out details about retrieving your stuff. You can also file a lost and found form through some cab companies websites. You may need to visit the cab company’s office also to look out for your missing stuff or file a detailed report about the stuff that is missing.

4. Inform the Local Authority

If you are traveling through a major city like New York, it is easier to track down your luggage because these major cities have a dedicated system to keep track of lost and found stuff. Apart from that, it is very necessary to file a police complaint regarding the loss of your item to prevent any improper use of your documents and ensure your safety.

With the help of these steps, you can significantly enhance the chances of finding your stuff again. It is recommended to store your luggage at dedicated luggage storage in New York whenever you are traveling within the city to ensure the safe disposal of your bags and stuff. You can easily find the luggage storage with the help of Verto, Luggage hero, Bagbnb and other online applications.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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