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Planning A Memorable Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

Completing 50 years of marriage is an incredible accomplishment for a couple — and it definitely is a wonderful statement about the gift of married life. Traditionally, the golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries. It symbolizes compassion, love, passion, courage and wisdom — considering this milestone anniversary is the perfect way to celebrate the long-lasting love of the couple.

That being said, throwing an anniversary party may seem complicated and feel a little overwhelming as well, that’s why we have provided a step-wise guide on how to plan a golden wedding anniversary below.

Set a Date and Venue

The first step in planning any party is picking a date and deciding a venue for the celebration. It is best to hold the party on the actual anniversary, or on a date that is close to the couple’s actual anniversary date. If the party is formal, you must set the date a couple of months in advance, so that people can make travel and lodging arrangements if they are travelling from out of town.

The venue of the anniversary is also just as important to consider, and it highly depends on the number of people you are inviting. If the couple wants to keep it small, you can throw a party at the couple’s house. However, if you are hosting a large formal gathering, you must consider renting a hotel ballroom, venue space or a lounge.

Send Out the Invitations

Once you have decided on a date and a place, made a guest list and chosen an invitation design, you must send out party invitations (about 6 to 8 weeks prior to the set date). Since it’s the golden wedding anniversary, you can add a dash of gold to the invite by sprinkling gold powder on the envelope.

Make sure you list the date for the RSVP deadline on the card so that you can manage the budget and plan out food and drinks accordingly. You must also list relevant information regarding the party. Remember, your party invitations are an introduction on what to expect at the celebration.

Plan Out Food and Drinks

One of the most important steps in planning a golden anniversary party is arranging food and drinks, to keep the guests full and happy! Therefore, you must set a budget first, and then consult with a catering company, so that you can keep track of how much you are spending. If you are hosting a small event, you may want to opt for a buffet set-up. However, if the anniversary is a grand event, you must seek the help of professionals to avoid stress.

Make sure to include some dishes wrapped in edible gold on the menu, so that the couple can have gold to eat on their golden anniversary.

Plan Out the Party Decoration

Since it’s the 50th wedding anniversary, you may want to consider decorating with a gold colour scheme to highlight the couple’s history. For example, you could have gold candlesticks on the table, gold-trimmed plates, napkins, flowers, tablecloths, hanging paper lanterns, etc. You can also:

  • Recreate the same thing that the couple went for, 50 years ago. You could also collect photos of the couple and create a photo timeline.
  • Choose a decorating theme based on the decade the couple was married or the place they went on their honeymoon.

Book A Photographer

To cherish the memories of such an important day, book a photographer in advance so that you don’t have to worry about it last moment. The first thing crossing your mind after the celebration will be, “Who clicked photos?” You can make sure the party is well-documented by hiring a professional photographer and running him through the event schedule from start to finish. This way, the photographer will know exactly what to capture.

Order a Gold Cake

Last in order of mention but not of importance, order a gold cake for the couple to cut together at their golden anniversary. Here are a few messages to put on the cake.

  • Happy Golden Anniversary
  • Congratulations on 50 Years of Marriage
  • Wishing a Perfect Pair a Perfect Happy Day

When it comes to planning a golden wedding anniversary, you must begin early, so you are not overwhelmed. Whether you are the host or the couple planning the event yourselves, seek help from a family member or a friend to reduce stress. Dividing up the tasks will make things easier for everyone, especially when you witness everything you have planned on paper come to life!


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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