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Sex Chat in India: A Way to Meet People

From the long-distance relationship to solo life, sex chat is bridging a gap for many in India.

In a country with over 1 billion people, it can come as a shock to find yourself in a situation dire enough to feel lonely. However, even as the world expands through the glory of the internet, more and more people are feeling left by the wayside. Whether this is because the expansion means that you’re caught up in a long-distance relationship, or because any expansion has a way of creating voids, people are indeed lonely.

Despite its somewhat sinister undertones, sex chat in India has actually shown to be a boon for those that don’t have time for the standard relationship. Or proclivity. “We hope to extend our services to anyone.” Says Indian Sex Talk, one of India’s leading suppliers of erotic chat. “This means that it doesn’t matter your orientation if you have a need, we hope to provide you with a service that makes you feel comfortable and loved.”

Tough Times Indeed

Sex chat has been shown to be beneficial for those in long-distance relationships, where either partner doesn’t have the time or ability to be exceptionally affectionate. The setup can meet urges without either partner being forced into becoming unfaithful. Operators are professional and understand that each client has a unique set of needs.

“Often, we have people getting in touch with our services for a non-erotic chat.” The company says. “Sometimes, people just want someone who will be there to listen, to take an avid interest in what they have to say.”

Which is much easier when speaking with someone who is largely nameless and faceless. The anonymity that is provided by the companies different services allows people to open up about many thoughts and feelings that might be regarded as taboo. With no question wholly unbreachable, clients are encouraged to ask questions and explore parts of themselves that would otherwise be considered inappropriate for discussion.

Which isn’t inspiring for just the lonely and alone, Indian Sex Talk is opening up thier lines and chat rooms to the LGBTQ+ communities. Which is something India desperately needs right now. Despite a slight change in recognition of homosexuality, the practice is still largely considered taboo, with few gays having an outlet for healthy sexual discourse or education. Homophobia still runs rampid in the country and hate crimes are not uncommon.

However, it’s not just homosexuality that is swept under a very large conversational rug.

Talking Sexuality

While the culture is indeed changing, sexual discussion in India is still not something that is ubiquitous throughout the country. With the country slowly becoming more relaxed about subjects previously seen as strictly taboo, it still hasn’t provided any safe haven for education or earnest question.

Indian Sex Talk looks to provide it’s customers just that. “If our clients are looking to have a steamy conversation, we’re happy to provide it. If they’re looking for relationship advice or even sex education, we can also provide them with that.” The company says that just providing a service that is willing to whisper sweet nothings isn’t enough.

They’ve found that many customers are just looking for a bit of direction, using their service to test out specific fantasies, or find a bit of direction and advice when it comes to deep seated desires. However, not every conversation even has a sexual element to it.

In a survey taken by the company last year, Indian Sex Talk found that almost 30% of their clientele weren’t looking for sex chat in India, but just a friendly ear that they could open up to. Discussing personal problems, philosophies, and even life events. The company found that some people genuinely just wanted someone to talk to.

Life goes incredibly fast, especially at the pace of any city in India, and sometimes all we really need is a private moment with someone who is anonymous not to share our secrets, and kind enough to care about them in the first place. It turns out that many may just be finding this in the sex chat rooms and phone lines of a seemingly forgotten service. Making it simple to meet someone good enough to listen, and take away at least a little bit of the solitude that we all feel from time to time.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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