7 Electric Skateboards For An Effortless Journey

Are you tired of walking everywhere? Want to exert the minimum amount of energy and still travel fast? Well perhaps an electric skateboard is right for you. We have curated the best electric skateboard brands from around the internet. Feel free to contribute your own.

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#1 Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Boosted Board is the leader in electric skateboards. They can be credited with mainstreaming them with the help of Casey Neistat. The boosted board is one of the fastest on the market with a top speed of 22mph and regenerative braking.

It is light enough to carry anywhere and powerful enough to go up a 25% grade hill.


With a 7 mile radius on a single charge this skateboard is perfect for every city rat. It's also not too expensive, making it an ideal electric skateboard for students as well. The built in safety lights are a nice additional feature which makes it a little more safe. The board is light, weighing only 11 pounds and has a six month warranty.

#3 SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

With a maximum range of 15 miles and a top speed of 25mph the SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard truly is one of the most powerful electric skateboards on the market. It can climb a 30% grade hill and has two different speed modes. The deck is made of 9 layers of maple making it strong and durable with a load of up to 280lbs.

#4 SwagBoard Voyager Electric Longboard

The Swagtron electric longboard is a high speed electric skateboard with a top speed of 15mph. It has a top range of 15 miles on one charge making it ideal for traveling longer distances. The deck is made of a combination of Bamboo and Canadian Maple making it both strong and flexible.

#5 Hoverjet E-Skateboa

The Hoverjet E-Skateboard is one of the cheaper electric skateboards out there making it perfect for students. It has a motor which can take it up to 11mph and has a radius of 10 miles on a single charge. It has high duration polyurethane wheels that absorb shock and provide a smooth ride.
The board is made of maple wood which gives it a very sturdy feel.

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