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Guide On The Best Group 31 Batteries & The Advantages

Ought you to learn or know about marine batteries? Are you looking forward to purchasing one? If the answers are “Yes” then you have landed on the right page. The sole or primary aim of this article is to offer a guide that would allow you to make choices. Don’t worry this will help you immensely and you can get a battery as per your need.

Group 31 batteries are very popular because of the BCI group size. It is overwhelming to compare and then decide which brand will suit your need and requirements the best. Generally speaking, this article presents you the detailed version of group 31 batteries which are used in marine applications. If you wish to know more about it you need to read the article and then buy it as per your requirement.

Group 31 batteries dimensions, features, and recommendations

Batteries that are relatively powerful come under group 31 batteries and it has featuring capacity in the range of 75-125 Ah range. It provides battery capacity up to 150-250 minutes and 750-1250 CCA. The physical dimensions are as follows- 13×6 13/16x 97/16 inches. This is approximately equal to 13×6.8×9.44 inches or 330x173x240 mm. The features very well depend on intended use, battery design, and chemistry.

Group 31 batteries get used in automotive, marine, and off the grid applications and this has made popular. The most popular group 31 battery models can be seen through online hunt on official site offering different battery types.

Group 31 batteries weight, chemistry, dimensions, and features

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The most common battery used in battery 31 is AGM, gel cells, flooded cells, and lead-acid batteries. The battery that is not common such as lithium battery holds very sensitive charging, and it has price reaching heights. However, the most common battery type is “lithium –ion 12v”. These batteries are often known as LiFePO4 or simply lithium batteries that have a protective electronic layer used for monitoring voltage, temperature, and discharging/charging current. It replaces lead-acid batteries in automotive, marine, and off the grid applications.

When it got compared with lead batteries, the lithium batteries are generally light, and it has the capacity to withstand more discharging/charging cycles, it offers a fade-free power irrespective of charge conditions. They are expensive compared to lead-acid batteries.

Due to the high price, the group 31 batteries can be weight saving however starting group battery will thoroughly justify the difference.

Starting group batteries

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The starting group 31 battery is rare and it can be manufactured easily. This battery is designed with slightly emphasized characteristics and can be used for dual purpose.

The best group 31 batteries have the capacity to produce 1200 MCA and 1000 CCA. The CCA stands for Cold Cranking Amps and the MCA stands for Marine Cranking Amps. The CCA contributes to maximum current rate after the battery gets fully charged and it can delivery 12V up to 30 seconds without any voltage drop. It can withstand a temperature range of 0 degrees F or -18 degrees C. MCA also knew as Cranking amps contribute to maximum current rate after completion of charging. It can withstand a temperature of about 7.2 V at approximately 32 degrees F or 0 degrees F.

Some of the producers of battery describe the battery as the battery can work at 32 degrees by serving 1000 CCA.

Dual purpose batteries

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Dual group 31 batteries found enormously – they possess strong current features and better deep cycles plus true starting batteries. They are also known to offer deep cycle as well as good deep discharge operations. It also provides 900 CCA up to 200 minutes RC plus 100 Ah.

In addition to this, there are batteries that specify lighter designs and are not at all heavier batteries.

Deep cycle group 31 battery

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The deep cycle group 31 battery is solely designed for cycle operations and deep discharge in an electric vehicle that can be used for marine and off the grid applications. They don’t provide strong current and it has the capacity to offer excellent features and characteristics with low current. It can have capacity up to 20h and the RC ranges in 240-250 with 120-125 Ah.

Advantages of group 31 batteries:

What are the essential advantages of group 31 battery? The group 31 batteries possess extremely low internal resistance and it is capable of delivering high current and it also offers relatively long functional life with deep cycles. The group 31 batteries require low maintenance that offers electrical reliability and is extremely light compared to flooded lead type. It can withstand extremely low temperature with low self-discharge. The leading benefits or advantages of battery type is mentioned below-

  • It offers to charge five types faster with flooded technology
  • It has low internal resistance, high specific power and responsive to load
  • In matting technology, acid encapsulation is possible through spill proof
  • With a flooded system, it offers a better cycle life
  • It can withstand temperature well up in cold temperature
  • It offers water retention (hydrogen and oxygen combining so as to produce water)
  • It offers vibration resistance because of sandwich construction

The online store is filled with different group 31 battery types and you can get a standby, front access, high rate, long life, and single cell battery. It can be used for various applications and you can make a call to an online service provider so as to clarify all essential questions.


You can visit the most popular online store and read the reviews given by honest users. If you look forward to more information then you need to hit the right website, and then compare marine battery for your purpose. The comparison can be done as per the group size, capacity, voltage, type, and crank cold amps. Choosing marine battery is straight you just need to go through the comparison table and freely read the reviews.

Online stores are the best mean to get a quality product so always rely on it.

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