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The Essential Paperwork You Actually Need In Your Life

Life doesn’t come with a guarantee, but it seems as though everything else does. From paperwork for your motor vehicle to checks and tests for electrical appliances, endless identity documents to important files at work, it can seem as though we are completely overwhelmed with apparently essential paperwork in our daily lives.

In truth, however, there are only a few absolute essentials which you need to make sure you have close to hand and up to date. To help make the job easier, here are some of the essential pieces of paper you really do need in your life.

Health Insurance Documents

Health insurance is crucial for ensuring that you have access to the best care, physicians, and hospitals if you have a medical emergency or require preventative treatment. Whether you opt for a Medicare Supplement Plan G, an employer-based program, or any of the other plans available, it is crucial to make sure you have all the necessary documents and paperwork somewhere safe to cover you in time of need.

Drivers Documents

If you are a driver, these will be the next most important documents. You should have your drivers license whenever you are driving or using your vehicle, as well as access to documents such as your vehicle registration document, insurance papers, and any other required paperwork for your vehicle. The exact nature of the piece will depend on the circumstances, but make sure that if you needed to, you could get your hands on the paperwork.

Details Of Savings, Accounts, And Investments

We all work hard to earn our money and need to be able to react fast if it falls into the wrong hands. Make sure you have details of all your bank accounts, savings accounts, and any investments, such as premium bonds or accounts. It is a good idea to physically check your statements when you receive them and to keep around six months worth for your protection and security. In the event of a conflict, or if you decide to end a partnership or marriage, these documents will be vital.

Identity Documents

There is a range of essential documents which can be used to verify your identity, and these are important for two key reasons. Firstly, they are necessary for carrying out a vast range of basic tasks, from opening a bank account to accessing welfare. They also need to be kept safe to prevent you from becoming a victim of identity fraud. Important documents include your birth certificate, social security number, passport, and any tax details which could be useful for a criminal.

Tax Documents

Keeping track of tax documents is particularly important if you are self-employed but also apply to those employed externally. Tax can be complicated, and mistakes are often made. Having all the necessary paperwork to hand helps you spot errors, and offers you protection if you are told to pay back any money. Keep records in a secure place and well labeled by date and type to allow you to access them quickly if needed.


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