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5 Awesome Books About Family Relationships

Family relationships can be complicated, but they can also be wonderful. Sometimes it is nice to see a window into another group of people, even if it is fiction. This is why books about family can give an insight into how different families operate. Family books are a great way to see how every clan has its own nuances and quirks. Books also have a way of inspiring change or appreciation amongst families.

Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett

This novel features a troubled family. It is a story of brotherhood as three young men deal with their abusive father. The oldest brother has left the violence, and the middle brother dreams of doing the same yet feels the need to protect the youngest. It can be hard to read about or write a response in the form of a domestic violence paper or essay. However, an essay covering these details of violence would serve to bring awareness.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

A classic from 1939, The Grapes of Wrath follows the Joads through the struggles of the Great Depression. The group travels from their Oklahoma farm to distant California vineyards in search of work. It depicts the struggles that they face as a family and how they get through their hardships together. Despite the tough times that the group goes up against, they find ways to move forward.

A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer

In what might as well be a truthful essay on domestic violence, this horrifying story is the autobiography of a severely abused child. In Dave Pelzer’s honest words, readers discover the terrifying truths that abused children must endure. With jaw-dropping occurrences and heartbreaking feelings on the child’s part, this book shines a light on the most broken on familial relationships.

All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews

Sisters Yoli and Elf live very different lives, despite their same upbringing. Although it seems as though one is successful and the other is a mess, in truth, the opposite is true. This leaves a divorced Yoli struggling to help her suicidal sister choose life. The love of a sibling is a dominant theme in this tragic comedy, as is loving someone with mental illness.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry

This novel follows an older man with Parkinson’s Disease as he relies on his stepchildren to care for him. After an injury, he has to move in with a stepchild, her husband, and their children. While living with this one particular stepchild, the woman’s husband feels the financial stress of providing for another person and makes questionable decisions. It is a story of a blended family that endures problems and successes like any other clan would.

Can Books Help Build Relationships?

Reading books offers a lot of awareness and wisdom into other, unfamiliar situations. While no two families are exactly the same, understanding the way a different family interacts allows people some insight into overall group dynamics. Some families have bad relationships, others have great relationships. Books have a sense of magic that makes people strive to be better in their relationships. They also allow readers to appreciate what they already have.

No matter which reaction a book inspires in an individual, it is important that one does occur. Reading, in general, is intended to make people feel, think, or take action. A novel is a different way of learning about other people, much like an essay on domestic violence. When reading about families, a person can interpret the relationships between characters as he or she needs at that moment. Books do make an impact on people in a variety of ways.

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