Say NO! to single-use plastics with this easy to use tool kit

The recent discovery of a beached whale off the coast of Indonesia with 13 lbs of plastic waste in its stomach is a devastating reminder of the tremendous amount of trash and pollution being produced. Another staggering reality is the average American creates 4.5 lbs of waste a day!

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#1 Be prepared, the {Zero} Waste Kit has your back at all times


We live in a “throwaway” society where even the best intentions to be eco-minded are often undermined by the convenience of single-use plastics. In direct response, zero waste lifestyle expert Marina Qutab designed the {Zero} Waste Kit.

#2 What you can do with the {Zero} Waste Kit

Zero Waste Kit

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Having lived a low impact zero waste lifestyle for the past 3 years Marina became a pro at sending practically nothing to the landfill. And came to realize that living zero waste is anything but convenient. The {Zero} Waste Kit is a custom-designed set of reusable essentials measured-to-fit and beautifully housed in a portable glass jar to help make daily choices - such as eschewing plastic spoons, straws, food packaging, and grocery bags - easier and more convenient.

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Written by Ryan Urcia