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Is a Laser Tag Party Safe for Kids?

Nothing can be more fun and thrilling for children than them being able to relive their favourite video games or sci-fi movies. This is why receiving an invitation to a laser tag party can get them keyed up until the grand day arrives.

As a parent, however, it’s perfectly normal to have some doubts and apprehension, too. The name of the event, after all, seems like it involves something that is movie characters use as a powerful weapon that could slash aliens in half and vaporise spaceships.

Laser tag is an exciting and action-packed activity that is generally safe for kids and everybody else. It is also possible to accompany your little one throughout the game. You and your child’s safety are assured as well.

Here are some of the top reasons why laser tag parties are safe for kids.

No Laser is Around

The thought of their children playing laser tag horrifies a lot of parents. They believe that their kids may lose their eyesight when exposed to lasers that the guns give off.

There is no need to feel uneasy if your child has an invitation to a laser tag party. That’s because he or she is not going to go home blind. If anything, your little one is going to exit the arena with eyes aglow because of sheer happiness.

Despite the name, a game of laser tag does not involve the use of lasers. Infrared light is what it uses, the kind that the remote controller of your TV or air conditioner emits. Since it is low frequency and low energy, infrared light is completely harmless.

Some laser tag zones use real lasers. However, the kind that they use is safe for humans. The guns that emit them are also FDA-regulated.

Always remember that it is unlikely for laser tag parties for children to involve real lasers. Such is to allay every parent’s fears. You can rest assured that even if someone points a laser gun to the eyes of your child, his or her eyesight is completely safe.

Rules Help Prevent Injuries

There is another thing about laser tag parties that can cause parents to worry about the welfare of their children. It’s the thought that their young ones may end injured.

Laser tag is indeed a physical activity. However, it is a non-contact type of leisure pursuit. Due to this, the risk of winding up with an injury is considerably low. Also, there are rules that every player needs to follow for everyone’s safety.

For instance, no player should run or climb. They should also not crawl or lie on the floor. Children won’t be able to enter the arena if they are wearing open-toed footwear such as sandals and flip-flops. Bullying and foul language are not permitted as well.

Since laser tag is a physical activity, there is always the risk of a child ending up injured. The good news is that injuries are typically minimal. It’s just like allowing your child to play a friendly game of soccer, basketball or badminton.

Worry not if your little one seems too young or small to play. That’s because he or she can play alongside you, thus allowing the two of you to have some exciting time together.

In Conclusion

A game of laser tag is generally safe for children. You can rest assured that the attendants will do their best to keep your child out of harm’s way.

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Written by Sarah Williams

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