Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is. (5/32)

Every female entrepreneur stands to gain insight from her latest book, where Dr. Janice divulges her expertise in topics related to business, leadership, relationships, and reflects on how teaming has impacted her own experiences. Dr. Janice Presser is Founder and CTO of The Gabriel Institute, a behavioral scientist, and architect of the technology that powers Teamability®. She has studied team interaction in academic, clinical, and business settings for over 40 years, and has shared her expertise in the areas of HR, management, workforce planning, and more.

Teamability® is a completely new way to measure teaming in order to improve business performance. Based on an online teaming experience, Teamability results help an individual identify how they best contribute to teams or an executive better manage their team members.

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Contributors: Nicholas Angell from Teamability

Written by Ben Skute

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